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Wynsom International and its Thai affiliate LUKKY Shopping Network, Thailand Co. Ltd. are proud to announce the launch of their revolutionary mobile app LUKKY, a solution to the most vexing problem in advertising today…how can you reach consumers on their mobile devices where nobody wants to see ads?

“Wherever you go, people are glued to their phones, but that’s personal space,” says founder Robert Pakter, M.D. “We needed to invent a new method that was as innovative as the technology it’s built upon.”

LUKKY does it with a straightforward strategy: empower and don’t alienate the mobile user. Integrating marketing science with a deceptively simple yet addictively fun game, LUKKY lets players choose the prizes they want to win.

LUKKY spokesperson Mike Piroon puts it like this: “In essence, we’re a ‘pull’ advertising model rather than a ‘push’ model. People want control over what pops up on their screens.“

He goes on to state: “As a Thai national, I’m really proud that Wynsom chose to release its global platform here in Bangkok first. It shows the Thai market is really sophisticated when it comes to digital commerce.”

LUKKY is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The prize catalogue consists of the hottest items listed by eCommerce and local merchants, restaurants, event promoters and others who pay click fees only when users select their item. “You can’t get better targeting than letting users choose the ads they want to see,” notes Mr. Piroon. “So it’s the best use of our clients’ ad budgets.”

Despite the name, LUKKY is not a Lucky Draw. Proprietary algorithms enable users to employ skill, memory and easily searchable knowledge to win. As such, there’s no measure of luck or chance. “Even the different speeds of mobile networks don’t come into play,” adds Dr. Pakter. Wynsom has filed a patent for its technology.

“We’re focused on Bangkok,” says Mr. Piroon “but we’re already getting set for a rapid deployment elsewhere in Asia and beyond. “


The LUKKY team also produces its own trendy and fun live entertainment show “Get LUKKY!” each Saturday at noon streamed straight from the LUKKY app. Directed by noted filmmaker Lex de Groot, the program features celebrities and up and coming stars; sketches; product reviews; merchant visits… and prize giveaways, of course!