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Next Step of Thailand… Following H.M. The King Bhumibol’s Teaching

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Next Step of Thailand… Following H.M. The King Bhumibol’s Teaching

I hear Thailand crying

Crying from the loss of their Soul.

I hear Thailand mourning

Mourning of the loss of their united Goal.


King of Kings

Bhumibol…Power of the Land

Has been more than King of people

But King of Hearts of all.


His 70 years of hard work

To bring up our Country and develop our Land

No one knows every inch of our Country soil than Him

He had travelled much to learn with great care.


He had developed every corner of the country

To help the less fortunate to stand on their feet

To bring Honour and Joy to their life

To make People feel proud of being Thai.


H.M. The King’s Great Teaching

“Sufficency Economy” has been embedded in our spirit

How to grow with Sustainability

Everyone must take duty to take care of

Business, Environment and Community

With Integrity and Life Long Learning.


We….the Thai Citizen of King Bhumibol

Have pledged to carry on H.M. Teaching to live and care for others

To stand on our feet and walk with neighbouring friends

Uphold Thainess and our Spirit of “Friendship” and “Region Unity”

Leaving no one behind to go stronger together

Grow our Nation by our hands, heads and hearts to attain Sustainability.


Following Our Father’s Footsteps.


Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul