Osotspa underlines its vision of “The Power to Enhance Life” Focuses its business direction on becoming “The Best Consumer Products Company in Thailand”

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Osotspa, this year marking its 125th Anniversary, has announced its strategic business goal of becoming “The Best Consumer Products Company in Thailand” by ensuring solid and sustainable business growth and striving for organizational excellence in each and every aspect of its operations.
Mr. Petch Osathanugrah, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Osotspa Company Limited, unveiled that this year, Osotspa has been working to improve its organizational management systems while moving towards the goal of becoming Thailand’s best consumer products company. Osotspa is doing this in conjunction with delivering on its vision of “The Power to Enhance Life” in three significant areas, which are: (i) Becoming an organization that focuses on enhancing the well-being of consumers and society by offering an array of high-quality products made using advanced manufacturing innovations; (ii) Building an organizational culture that adheres to best practices; and (iii) Good governance by operating its business based on international regulations and standards.

“Osotspa is marking our 125-year history during a time of significant change in both the domestic and global economy, along with increasing competition and higher expectations from stakeholders including shareholders, executives and employees, customers, business partners, and society. We are committed to making continuous improvements to achieve excellence in each and every aspect of the company. This includes enhancing our business management capabilities; delivering a diverse range of high-quality products; implementing advanced technology systems; reinforcing our organizational culture and developing our staff’s personal skills and potential; becoming a learning organization; and adhering to transparent administration based on international principles of good governance. These improvements will ensure Osotspa is administered effectively and is capable of extending and enhancing the competency of our business operations for sustainable long-term growth,” said Mr. Petch.

Mrs. Wannipa Bhakdibutr, President of Osotspa Company Limited, explained that to reach its goal of becoming The Best Consumer Products Company in Thailand, Osotspa is making major changes in eight key areas: (i) Improving its business structure to enhance efficiency through the use of advanced technologies for management; (ii) Taking a new approach to managing the company’s brand portfolio to best match the requirements of consumers and customers;

(iii) Implementing organizational resource information management to increase the effectiveness of customer and consumer services; (iv) Reinforcing the strength and competency of its business operations in terms of data management and retail marketing & digital marketing; (v) Integrating and restructuring manufacturing administration for more efficient cost management while improving operational procedures and supply chain systems; (vi) Becoming a learning organization by enhancing the knowledge of executives and employees; (vii) Developing its workplace for a more positive and pleasant atmosphere and environment; and (viii) Promoting safety among employees in its offices and throughout its operations to reduce accidents in the workplace.

“Although Osotspa remains the leading manufacturer and distributor of energy drinks, with several brands in the consumer products category, the company will continue to focus on developing and enhancing our operational excellence to ensure we can deliver a wide range of products with uncompromised quality and services for customers and consumers, which will provide a solid foundation for Osotspa’s future business expansion,” concluded Mrs. Wannipa.