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Sun hemp flowers attract tourists to Yala

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Local businesses in Pron subdistrict of Yala province have been performing well, as tourists arrive to take photos of the blooming sun hemp flowers.


Pron residents have taken advantage of the growing popularity of the local sun hemp field by selling refreshments, food and snacks to visitors who come to see the yellow flowers in bloom.

Sun hemp was introduced to Pron subdistrict a month ago by The Yala Land Development Station (YLDS), in an effort to promote the local economy. Many tourists were seen taking photos with the beautiful backdrop of blooming sun hemp.

The YLDS has also put up a sign to indicate the entrance to the field to accommodate arriving tourists. The field continues to receive visitors daily, despite the fact that some of the flowers have begun to wilt away. They are expected to be buried and used as fertilizers once the blossoming season is over.