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Tents around Sanam Luang reorganized to accommodate Royal Crematorium

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The Joint Administration Center for Maintaining Peace and Order, caring for mourners at the Grand Palace, has reconfigured the northern area of Sanam Luang to accommodate the Royal Funeral Ceremony.
The northern area of Sanam Luang has been fitted with rubber flooring to handle the construction of the Royal Crematorium for His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. All public service tents originally in the quadrant have been moved to the south of the garden. All of the services have continued for mourners.

More tents have been added by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to accommodate mourners walking in the area as well as for dining. More generators have also been installed to power the tents.

Four more medical tents are being set up and more accommodations for disabled mourners are being implemented. Volunteer tents distributing food have been reorganized for greater orderliness.