“Today for Tomorrow” – Aff Taksaorn reveals her secret with application for her daughter’s future

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Among the celebrity’s children, there seems to be no one greater, braver, and funnier than Peemai, Aff’s 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter who recently showed her diving performance.
Aff has come to reveal her secret.

In the event “Hi Q 1 Plus Shaping Destiny”, Aff said “I believe that physical and mental strengths are two important matters that should be taken care of hand in hand. Besides the proper nutrition to build Peemai’s immune system and brain development, I spend a lot of time with my daughter to observe her interests and skills so that I can be fully supportive to create more opportunities for her to grow and succeed in the future. My main assistance is Today for Tomorrow Application, developed by a year worth of cooperation between the brand Hi Q Super Gold Plus team, pediatricians and psychologists. It supports mothers in children development with talent test, positive parenting style that teaches mothers to positively discipline their children, and encourage them to challenge themselves in order to build self-confidence and pride.

With such an attentive mother, Peemai’s future will surely be successful.