Two giants RS-Unilever rock music industry, introducing Music Marketing & Service

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RS builds on its music business, which has been its expertise for more than 30 years, by combining it with its TV and radio businesses to offer one-stop service. Recently, it joined forces with Unilever to rock the music industry in Thailand towards the end of this year. The two companies will embark on Music Marketing & Service, with top artists “kratae Rsiam- Waii-Ble Patumraj-Tanya rsiam- Samosorn Mini-Ja Rsiam” introducing four campaigns and four singles to target consumers of four brands “Sunsilk-Pond’s-Lux-Citra”.

Mr Soopachai Nilawan, senior executive vice president for music business of RS Plc, said that the music industry in 2016 continues to generate income through various channels. Artists are now presenters for products, ambassadors for projects, and guests at marketing events. For companies that have media in their hand, they can manage their music content and deliver it to the consumers directly and quickly, giving them more advantages compared to competitors. RS’s business model for its music business is based on synergy with other businesses in the company, with an aim to target corporate clients who want to use music marketing. RS has more than 30 years of expertise in music business and is now the owner of TV and radio stations. Therefore, it can offer one-stop service, with customer-oriented approach that creates more opportunities and diversifies its income channels.

Recently, RS has partnered up with Unilever, the consumer product conglomerate with among the highest advertising spending in Thailand, to introduce the campaign aims to reach out to mutual potential customers using Music Marketing & Service. Artists and other media will be used to add value to the business in the forms of music, music videos and marketing activities. Initially, the two companies have signed a contract for four campaigns and four singles for four products – Sunsilk conditioner, Pond’s skincare, Lux soap, and Citra lotion. This partnership among two giants will rock the music industry in the last quarter of 2016.

“We look ahead and we’re ready to adapt all the time. Our content management is effective while our marketing communication is well-planned. In the last quarter of this year, our fans wil see four special megaprojects that we’re doing with Unilever, which include music videos and events, broadcast through our Sabaidee TV. We have invited magnetic music icons Kratae RSiam and Waii Yes! Music to collaborate for the first time in Wiang (Nuad Hai Num) for Sunsilk hair conditioner. For Pond’s, we pair isan net idol Ble Patumraj with Tanya RSiam from Lookthung Festival to sing Khon Dee Phee Ma Ngor for Pond’s skincare. For Lux soap, Samosorn Mini will sing Ya Pak Dee Deaw Mee Joob, while for Citra lotion, Ja RSiam will sing Hai. All of these will hit the airwaves soon.”

The company is also the leader in YouTube in teen music and lookthung music sectors. RSIAMMUSIC has 3.9 billion views, while WELOVEKAMIKAZE has 1.9 billion, and RSFRIENDS 2.7 billion. WELOVEKAMIKAZE fanpage is also extremely popular, with the highest number of fans in RS – 3 million in total, followed by rsfriends which has 350,000 fans, and rsiammusic which has 200,000 fans.

RSIAMMUSIC YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers, making it the most popular Thai lookthung channel in Thailand. To combine the subscribers of its three main YouTube channels RSIAMMUSIC (5 million), RSFRIENDS (4 million) and WELOVEKAMIKAZE (3 million), the company has 12 million subscribers, with 9 billion views in total, which is an impressive number for YouTube. Technology has made it easier to access free music online, so the company will continue strengthening these channels by creating content that suits the viewers’ preference. It hopes to reach 10 billion views in 2017.