Wat Mea Jun, buddhist temple near Bangkok

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Temple’s, are a major signature of Thailand and the Thai people, Thailand has many temple’s around and today we will introduce you to one temple that is close to Bangkok. So today we will introduce you to a magnificent temple called  “Wat Khun Mea Jun”. 

According to Wat Khun Mea Jun, where it is not the same as the others because people will make merit together in the morning from around 9:45 am. (I suggest to go here on Monday-Friday because most Thai people go on Saturday and Sunday).

After ceremony people will have breakfast together like buffet by everyone help each other to place in a row.

They queue orderly.

The temple is not for make merit only but the place for where people go to that would like to meditate. The place is appropriate for meditation because of the location, environment and atmosphere.

Moreover,The temple has plenty of shady spots and peaceful including the environment was so nice. there are many decoration’s in the form of wild animals such as elephants, birds and lions.

Written by:Nutthamon Chinchotikorn