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Saverio Lucci’s painting exhibition “Renaissance Retreat” During 23 November – 9 December 2017 Room No. 261-262, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok


River City Bangkok is delighted to present “Saverio Lucci’s painting exhibition”, taking “Renaissance Retreat” as its theme. The event will be held at Room No. 261-262, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok during 23 November – 9 December 2017. The opening reception and cocktail will start at 18.00 hrs. onwards at the above-mentioned venue.

A wide selection of Italian Renaissance paintings  will be brought together in the Saverio Lucci’s painting exhibition “Renaissance Retreat” that will exhibit some of greatest masterpieces meticulously and passionately crafted by Saverio Lucci, a prolific contemporary artist and designer. His rarely seen works have been long praised by many professional artists and young generations as they are filled with valuable and memorable poetry, refined colours and deep emotions.

The exhibition also provides a perfect opportunity to discover the charm of Italian paintings, its culture and its unique tradition. All art lovers are cordially invited to experience the Italian portrait paintings by this mesmerizing artist to discover his most iconic works, as well as new aspects of his life and artistic career.

A visit to the exhibition is a perfect excuse to discover the magic of Italy and its secret gems.