Diethelm Travel Thailand Supports Thai Arts

Diethelm Travel Thailand was invited as a special guest for the “Honour of Thai Film” award ceremony in Bangkok on 26 June 2018. The royal accolade is greatly respected within Thailand with recipients going on to receive the award directly from the King in his palace.

Though a Swiss company, Diethelm Travel Group has long established roots in Bangkok where its offices opened up in 1957, coincidentally the same year the Honour of Thai Film awards were also founded. To further deepen the company’s connections to Thailand as well as support local communities and initiatives, Diethelm Travel Thailand was one of the main sponsors for this year’s award ceremony.
On behalf of Stephan Roemer, Diethelm Travel’s CEO, the event was attended by Samarnnopphon Ratanathamthitaya, Head of Product and Operation and Siprang Srinarintranon, Group Director of Marketing. Stephan will again be invited by the palace to be present in front of the King Rama X.