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Korean Air’s volunteer group to help residents in Chiang Dao, Thailand


One of Korean Air’s volunteer groups, Sarangnanum – which means to share love – flew to Chiang Dao in Thailand on November 4th to perform volunteer work until November 9th.

Chiang Dao, located in the northern part of Thailand, is the main region for several Hill Tribes that do not speak the Thai language. Many residents live in poverty and receive limited education and welfare.


Korean Air group volunteers paved village roads with cement and delivered basic medical supplies including nutritional supplements, analgesics, ointments and cold medicine. They also presented Korean food and simple traditional games to introduce Korean culture.

Sarangnanum is a group consisting of employees in the Tech-Center located in Busan, Korea. It was founded in 2004 and since then, has been volunteering both domestically and abroad. Korean Air has a total of 27 volunteer groups which actively perform various volunteer projects at orphanages, rehabilitation centers for the disabled, as well as senior care centers to support disadvantaged groups, to name but a few.

Volunteers work throughout the year. In March and August, Korean Air volunteers went to the Philippines to help build shelters for victims of typhoons and earthquakes. Volunteers have also visited Chitwan, Nepal to reconstruct an orphanage and provide medical services.

As a leading global carrier, Korean Air continues to encourage employees to engage in corporate social responsibility programs at home and abroad, supporting local communities.