RBL Training Academy joins hands with UNHCR to boost CSR to provide shelter for refugees


In collaboration with Kornkanok Yongsakul, Founder of RBL Training Academy, the 360 degrees coaching academy, UNHCR hosts the  “Live Positively, Think Positively” seminar to connect the private sector with the urgent needs of refugees in light of the biggest global displacement crisis of our time. 

Attended by management staff specializing in human resources and corporate social responsibility (CSR), the seminar showcases international speakers providing an insight into the global refugee situation, combined with a panel discussion on the importance of individual and corporate support of refugees, and UNHCR’s work.

“This seminar is the beginning of CSR activities at the RBL Training Academy. I believe in motivating people to find happiness inside, and focussing on how this can be achieved by performing acts of kindness to fellow human beings beyond our own nationality, religion or ethnicity. We want to see corporate responsibility building momentum; making a difference worldwide”, said Kornkanok Yongsakul.

One sector that is in dire need and where a little support can go a long way is shelter. For this reason, UNHCR launched the global “Nobody Left Outside” campaign in 2016 to tackle inadequate shelter for refugees and to call on private sector contributions to provide shelter for two million refugees.

“A shelter – be it a tent, a makeshift structure or a house – is the basic building block for refugees to survive and recover from the physical and mental effects of violence and persecution. Yet around the world, millions are struggling to get by, living in inadequate and often dangerous dwellings; putting their lives at risk” stated Ms.Joung-ah Ghedini-Williams, UNHCR Emergency Response Coordinator based in Geneva. “I am certain that this seminar will increase private sector involvement. The sector has an important role to play with its know-how, energy and resources to show solidarity, through action, with refugees”.

This seminar is the first of its kind in Thailand, and demonstrates a new dimension in using coaching techniques to connect the private sector to refugees, a cause which critically needs support from individuals, companies, foundations and philanthropists worldwide.