Solitaire Bangkok, Sukhumvit 11 Donates to The Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand


Solitaire Bangkok with the team led by Khun Rami Nuek (2nd from right), General Manager and Khun Pinyapat Panaraj (1st from right), Front Office Manager gave the donations intended to help elephants in Thailand to Khun Sommai Homswat (2nd from left) and Khun Samang Pandam (1st from left), the representatives and volunteers of the Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand.

The Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand is the only exclusive organization that helps and cares for the elephants in Thailand through various programs like the adopt-an-elephant program and the creation of a database which allows for the registration and health monitoring of elephants. The programs also include the sponsorship of elephants by individuals.

With the estimated number of elephants decreasing rapidly in Thailand, Solitaire Bangkok hopes to raise awareness regarding the issue and do their bit by making donations to save the elephants. “Mr. Lazy Elephant”, proudly resting in the hotel’s lobby, stands as a constant reminder to all visitors coming in and going out regarding the conservation of the beautiful mammal.