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Explosions in Hua Hin

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With reference to the above subject – the resort town of Hua Hin was shaken by two explosions yesterday evening at approximately 22:00 – 22:30. The explosions took place in a busy street area close to the popular resort. It has been widely reported that there was one fatality with a dozen injured in the blasts.

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At this present time authorities are unsure as to what the motivation was for the explosions as incidents of this nature in Hua Hin are extremely rare.

Destination Asia is currently advising clients to remain close to their hotels and we are in the process of contacting ALL clients where possible. Our on the ground staff are advising ALL clients to be “sensitive to your surroundings at this time while exploring Hua Hin”. It was a somber evening for the residents of Hua Hin to witness an unprovoked affront on innocent people going about their daily lives.

At this time Destination Asia (Thailand) is closely monitoring the situation and we will update you again when more news is released.

Our Crisis Management and senior executive teams are on full alert and contactable on the following number: +66 81864 2828, or via email on thailand@destination-asia.com