Hotels Catch Up to OTA Best Practices with TrustYou’s Review Marketing Solutions


++ NH Hotel Group Notably Improves Web Traffic and Conversions by 10% ++ TrustYou’s Newest Review Marketing Features Help to Convert More Bookings

Munich, 26 April 2018 – TrustYou, the world’s largest guest feedback platform, unveiled impressive results proving the correlation between Review Marketing Solutions and increased revenue, in partnership with NH Hotels. The world-leading urban hotel operator, with almost 400 hotels in its portfolio, noted a considerable increase in the website traffic, conversions and ultimately, revenue, after mimicking OTA typical behavior through the TrustYou features.

The NH Hotel Group integrated the TrustYou Marketing module, in the form of Meta-Review and Rich Snippets features, with the end goal of increasing visibility and traffic for all their branded hotels, across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. By making use of OTA booking best practices, the hotel group saw results in a short period of time. The TrustYou Meta-Review enables a quick overview of summarized and verified guest reviews and is displayed on the hotel’s website, in order to immediately influence a traveler’s booking decision. This also translates into a TrustScore, on a 5-point scale, meant to provide visual information about a hotel’s overall online reputation. The rich snippets allow the merger of review content and scores into the extra information that a hotel exposes on Google. The integration of both TrustYou marketing widgets is now easier than ever and for NH Hotels, this determined an increased online visibility and an uplift in organic website traffic.

NH Hotel Group continues to use the TrustYou Review Marketing module, in order to encourage organic traffic and direct bookings. Stephan Keschelis, VP of E-Commerce and Digital Transformation at NH Hotel Group reinforced the impressive outcome of the collaboration, by saying: “Displaying TrustScores and Meta-Reviews on our website and thereby enabling Rich Snippets has shown incredible results. We observed an immediate 10% increase in organic revenue coming from an improved conversion rate as well as an increase in traffic. In part, we were able to migrate paid to organic traffic helping us to free marketing budget for other performance campaigns. On the other hand, now is positioned in Google as the site that is considering more reviews than any other website, which helps us generate incremental traffic.”

Michael Menzel, Chief Revenue Officer of TrustYou adds: “At TrustYou, we are very familiar with the constant struggle that hoteliers are facing in order to get direct bookings. OTAs have been a preferred channel for booking, due to this specific factor: they offer valuable information, on the spot – including guest reviews. As the industry’s top-rated guest feedback platform, there is no reason why our clients and partners wouldn’t take full advantage of what we offer: a Meta Review and TrustScore widget, easily integrated on any hotel website and the rich snippets feature, which together, are proven to dictate higher traffic and keep consumers on the website, until a final booking decision is made. NH Hotels is a great example of making good use of the online reputation and turning it into actual revenue.”

To get even more insights into NH Hotel Group’s experience with the TrustYou guest feedback platform, a case study is available for free download.