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Everybody was Muay-Thai fighting


It was a journey that started in serene Buddhist temples and ended with 10 award-winning Travellers Choice members learning ‘the art of eight weapons’.

The Travellers choice agents – all winners of the national retail group’s annual Silver Choice Awards – toured Thailand last month on an exclusive educational organised by Creative Holidays and Thai Airways.

The trip included an array of cultural experiences, including private tours of Bangkok temples, river barge cruises and Thai cooking classes from the head chef of Le Meridien Resort & Spa, Koh Samui.

The agents – led by Travellers Choice Sales Development Manager Leith Poad – also took a 90 minute cruise from Koh Samui to Anthwong National Park, a protected marine reserve made up of 42 islands and offering unrivalled kayaking, mountain hiking and snorkelling.

Arguably the most memorable moment of the trip, however, was a lesson in Muay-Thai Boxing – a Thai martial art in which fighters use fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet to deliver colourful techniques such as the Cobra Punch and Spinning Backfist.

Travellers Choice presents Gold, Silver and Bronze Choice Awards (10 in each category) each year at its Annual Shareholders’ Conference, with winners determined by their level of support for strategic suppliers.

TC Silver winners_Bangkok

Travellers Choice agents visit one of Bangkok’s serene Buddhist temples: (L-R) Lisa Butterworth (Carine Travel Bug WA), Jenny Brown (Travel House Group SA), Fiona Ellis (Capricorn Travel WA), Hans Went (Canadian Bay Travel VIC), Jayne King (Creative Holidays host WA), Peter Oliver (Windsong Travel NSW), Jacqui Jurovic (Balnarring Travel & Cruise VIC), Leith Poad (Travellers Choice host WA) and Georgie Menke-Somers (Tewantin Travel QLD).