TRI-Factor Series™ expands to Thailand for the first time in its history

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The TRI-Factor Series™, the fastest growing triathlon series in Asia, is coming to Thailand!  TRI-Factor is launching new races across 8 new countries in Asia including China in the next few years, with Thailand’s inaugural triathlon to be held on November 6th 2016 at the Sattahip Naval Base.  

TRI-Factor Series™ Asian Championship 2016 / 2017 is a four-leg mass participation sports series comprising individual swim, bike and run events and a finale triathlon in a number of countries throughout Asia. Participants can take part in one or more events giving them the opportunity to swim, bike or run – or even do the triathlon. It represents a revolutionary new 4 step triathlon concept that makes it possible for athletes in various disciplines to complete a triathlon; and one which can be embedded into a personal fitness calendar as a component of the personal fitness lifestyle. It also enables high-level athletes to enjoy competing against single discipline specialists whilst encouraging amateur participation across its classes.

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Mr. Elvin Ting, Managing Director of Orange Room Pte Ltd., says, “We’re pleased to announce TRI-Factor Series™ Thailand with the TRI-Factor Triathlon offering athletes a feel of the TRI-Factor race experience before we launch the 4 event series in 2017. We would like to thank the Royal Thai Navy for its support, and for providing such an iconic and scenic race course. It brings the chance for entrants to compete in beautiful conditions amidst the stunning scenery of Chonburi’s Sattahip area. This means clean, safe water in a tranquil bay which is ideal for swimming; it means running and cycling close to nature, through the bright pinks and oranges of tropical foliage and along the coastline. This is so much more of a natural, exciting experience than a typical closed road race. To sum up, the triathlon courses here are challenging and beautiful.”

He adds, “For this inaugural event, we partnered Morph Performance to bring sport science and technology to the Thai sporting community. We want every athlete to understand their potential through analytical testing and maximize their performance through online training solutions. TRI-Factor Series™ hopes to inspire more athletes across different competencies to participate in the various categories in each event. For the more advanced athletes, this means an opportunity to compete in all or some component races, against serious pros and enthusiast amateurs in any event type. It’s a great opportunity to make triathlon accessible and enjoyable for all, hence why the TRI-Factor Series™ is such an innovative movement in its regional market. We focus on contributing to the well-being of people, helping everyone live longer, healthier lives in the spirit of our regional campaign, Grow Stronger, Live Better.”

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The Thai race course in total is 67 kms. It comprises run 15 km, swim 2km, bike 50km separated into the programs as follows: The longest distance is 2km swim/50km bike/15km run; Standard distance is 1.5km swim/50km bike/8km run; the shortest (or sprint) is 800m swim/30km bike/8 km run.

Participants can register at with places limited to the first 1200 for the inaugural triathlon race. Ticket pricing starts from 2800 THB for the Sprint Category. Please see the website for more details and direct booking.

A new Asia TRI-Factor™ point scoring system will be rolled out for all athletes to keep track of their current performance relative to their peers across various countries within Asia. TRI-Factor Series™ will also be launching a new app in the latter part of 2016 that will provide an additional platform for all athletes to connect with other athletes, whilst keeping updated on the latest event news and their personal race records.

Through the Grow Stronger, Live Better campaign, the TRI-Factor Series™ hopes to outreach to more than 100,000 athletes by 2020 with varying capabilities and experience to have a go in any of the four races that they are most comfortable with.

Sports Scientist and Founder of Morph Performance, Jonathan Fong, spoke of the reasons why the science-based coaching company partnered with the triathlon: “We advocate training smarter rather than harder. By understanding your body better through sports science, our team of experts will help you customize an effective training plan to achieve your personal best safely. Since everyone has room to improve, TRI-Factor Series™ Thailand is the ideal event platform for triathletes of all levels to gain experience. You get to progressively race in the various event distances and set new challenges throughout your triathlon career.”

Yo Yossavadee Hassadeevichit, celebrity model and actress turned pro athlete, will join the event program and compete. She says, “I’m extremely excited about TRI-Factor Series™ coming to Thailand for the first time as this new concept can help to grow the triathlon community even further. I remember the time when I first started triathlon, it was really difficult and I struggled to get the right support, but not so with TRI-Factor Series coming here. It’s easy for everyone to use this Series as either an introduction to triathlon or to power your growth in the sport. I look forward to racing the individual disciplines with others too. It brings together competitors from different performance levels across three different disciplines at each of the individual races in 2017. This open format is a totally new idea for triathlon events in Thailand and will encourage strong attendance levels. It will be very enjoyable, and contribute to the betterment of Thailand as a healthy, sporting nation.”

TRI-Factor Series™ is also launching 3 innovative race formats, AquaSwim Challenge, CycleRun Challenge and RunSwim Challenge within the Series to cater to a more experienced multi-sport community in 2017.