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Flightbucks Becomes A Preferred Supplier of Thor, Inc.


THOR, Inc., a world leading travel services company, announces the addition of Flightbucks as a preferred THOR services supplier. THOR suppliers provide its member travel agencies with special benefits and solutions.

“We are excited to partner with THOR member agents to help their clients get paid for flight disruptions,” says Helen Belokon, CEO of Flightbucks. “It’s a great opportunity to educate the travelers about their rights as passengers and earn commissions for each successful claim.”

Flightbucks is dedicated to protecting passengers’ rights by holding airlines accountable through regulatory compliance. Flightbucks ensures that passengers get money in the event of denied boarding, delay or cancellation of flights to, from or within Europe and Israel. This compensation is up to $850 per passenger. They work on a no win no fee basis and handle the process from start to finish. The claims can be filed with any carrier and they work with passengers all around the world.

“We make sure that every client of yours receives cash compensation from the airline whenever it is possible,” states Ashley Wyman, Client Success Manager at Flightbucks. “Having a dedicated team member assigned to each THOR member agent guarantees smooth onboarding for our partners and real-time support along the way”.

“We are very happy to partner with Flightbucks and offer their services to THOR member travel agents,” says Trisha Hall, managing director, THOR. “Giving THOR travel agent members the ability not only to offer clients cash compensation, but to also receive a commission payment for each processed claim, makes it a win-win for everyone, which is the goal with all of our partnerships.”

To learn more about Flightbucks and the services available to THOR travel agency members, visithttp://mail.THORtravelservices.com/flightbucks. If you are not yet a THOR travel agency member, please contact Jeffrey Kerzman at 303 439 4123 or jkerzman@THORtravelservices.com to get started.

For information on joining the THOR Worldwide Supplier Programs as a supplier, please visit THOR’s website: www.THORtravelservices.com. To speak with a THOR representative call Linda Plopper at 303 439 4117, or email lplopper@THORtravelservices.com.