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Global Leaders From the Worldcom Public Relations Group Weigh in on the Pokemon Go Craze and Potential Opportunity for Brands To Leverage Rise of Augmented Reality Technology


As mobs of consumers continue to comb their surroundings in a never-ending hunt for Pikachu, Charmander, Zubat and more than 200 other colorful characters found in the new Pokemon Go app, today’s public relations and marketing professionals are engaged in a search of their own. According to a new partner survey conducted by The Worldcom Public Relations Group, a global partnership of the most experienced independent public relations firms in the world, 52 percent of respondent firms indicated that they had engaged in discussions with their corporate clients about the potential brand implications and opportunities of the new augmented reality (AR) technology within the first week of Pokemon Go’s release. Leading Bangkok PR consultancy TQPR Thailand is the Thai Worldcom partner.

In particular, nearly three-quarters of the global partnership (74 percent) foresee the travel and tourism industry as being the earliest adopters of AR technology as a marketing tool, and 48 percent of global partners envision the consumer products industry as leveraging AG to drive brand engagement and consumer activation at the brick and mortar level.

“As a new generation of consumers eludes traditional retail marketing channels, AR technology might be the mechanism that gives brands a reason to renew their focus on brick and mortar consumer engagement strategies,” said Jonathan Bloom, marketing chair of Worldcom Public Relations Group Americas Region and CEO of McGrath/Power Public Relations & Communications, San Jose, Calif.

Adding context to the partner survey, Worldcom leveraged VoxPopMe, a powerful video platform that allows brands to capture instantaneous feedback from any audience, to collect real-time perspectives and opinions from its global members on the significance of AR technology and Pokémon Go, as well as the technology’s potential PR and brand implications. A compilation of these video responses is available for viewing by visiting the following link: https://youtu.be/u4fYNiCi2As.

“Every PR and marketing professional has to be looking at this as an exciting new funnel of brand discovery, that allows for new opportunities and strategies to drive meaningful brand engagement on behalf of the clients we represent,” added Bloom.