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Enjoy a New Song in Every Episode of Disney Channel’s “Elena of Avalor”!

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We introduced Princess Elena, Disney’s newest crown princess and main character of the new Disney Channel series “Elena of Avalor”, which will premiere on 13 November, 10am, on Disney Channel in Thailand (TrueVisions channel 447). The series will feature a brand new song every episode, written by an Emmy Award-winning songwriting team, influenced by Latin culture. Characters break out into song at key points of the episodes, as music is used to tell parts of the story. According to Aimee Carrero, who voices Elena, “Characters sing because their emotions can no longer be contained by just words”.


Check out this behind the scene video to understand better why music plays a major role in this upcoming Disney Channel animated series which will premier in Thailand on November 13, at 10am on Disney Channel (TrueVisions channel 447)!