Mad Food Stalls


At the center of the festival is a lively marketplace of more than 30 stalls, hosted by chefs, home cooks, restaurants, families and foodies. Each vendor will put forth a laser-focus menu, serving 1 or 2 original creations that have never been featured on their regular menus or repertoire. Stalls are set up for socializing, with neighboring vendors coming together to create different ad-hoc “zones,” complete with their own music, look and vibe.

Full list of vendors to be announced soon! Stay hungry. *See in the confirmed list in a excel file.


Showing food-related documentaries, short films and video excerpts during the day (3 PM – 6 PM), the Screening Room is transformed by night into the venue for our private dinners. Taking place every evening at 7 PM, each of our three dinners will be hosted by a different chef or collective, offering a fresh and unique dining experience each time. Tickets available for purchase.

Confirmed Chefs for Private Dinner

1) Chef Joke Pairoj from 7 SPOONS – Friday 2nd March hosted by Chang

2) Chef Top Russell from FREEBIRD – Saturday 3rd March hosted by Made By Legacy

3) Chef Garima Arora from GAA – Sunday 4th March hosted by BK Magazine


It’s a MAD FACE-OFF! In our friendly culinary competition, two collectives, comprised of chefs, mixologists and a whole host of colorful characters, will be curating and running their own “pop-up” restaurant experience throughout the 3-day event. Their approach may differ, but these two groups have bonded over a mutual respect for food as well as one another. Meet the teams below.


1) Big Boys of Downtown

Jarrett Wrisley (Appia, Peppina, Soul Food) and Paolo Vitaletti (Appia, Peppina), are the driving forces behind some of central Bangkok’s most beloved establishments. Announcing their arrival onto the local restaurant scene in 2013 with those big, fat and perfectly crackled porchetta rolls as their unofficial calling card, the pair garnered a fast and loyal fanbase for their fuss-free yet unforgettable trattoria, Appia. Since then, their lovingly prepared, crave-worthy dishes, be it Appia’s homemade pastas or Peppina’s pillowy Neapolitan slices, continue to give diners reason after reason to brave Sukhumvit traffic and Thonglor crowds.

For their MAD FACE pop-up, the duo will be a recreating their highly anticipated “Appia Guest List dinners, where they’ll be joined by a group of chefs challenged to cook out of their comfort zone and under wacky, impromptu concepts and conditions. True to Guest List form, the identities of all collaborating chefs—along with what they’re cooking—will be kept secret until the very start of the meal. We can promise this: with a tagline like “Where chefs make a mess,” you’re in for one hell of a night.

Drinks at the Downtown pop-up will be a collaborative effort between the big boys of Q&A and the bearded boys of Tropic City. Prepare for fun, funk, and a whole lot of rum.

2) Old Town Revivalists

Setting up shop far away from the swarms of Sukhumvit, these chefs are creating a buzz in Old Town Bangkok—and beyond—with their respective restaurants. Joe Jantraget (80/20), Van Rohitratana (Rarb), Noom Triyasenawat (Samuay & Sons), and Black Bulsuwan (Blackitch) are part of F*cking Chefs, one of the most innovative, edgy and informed cooking collectives to emerge in recent years. Their varying styles offer creative, at times challenging, yet ultimately comforting takes on regional Thai cuisines, emphasizing succinct, bold flavors that champion high-quality local produce as well as producers.

For their MAD FACE pop-up, the chefs will be working in collaboration with Charlie Boonyavinij of Uncle Ree’s Farm. The latter will not only be supplying ingredients to the pop-up but will also ensure its zero waste policy with the help of a specially designed on-site compost machine (not to mention Charlie’s army of worms). The food menu will change daily, featuring everything from Esan fare to whole spit-roast animals to a 9-course “no waste” eating extravaganza.

Helming the bar are chinatown watering hole favorites, Teens of Thailand and Asia Today, who will be creating original cocktails to complete the Old Town experience.


MAD FACE’s musical line-up brings together local as well as international performers who have helped to shape, grow and diversify Bangkok’s music scene. Live bands and DJ sets offer the ultimate soundtracks for long, leisurely afternoons (and nights) of eating, drinking, dancing and more eating.

The atmosphere at the two pop-up restaurants will be complimented by their own live DJ sets. The Downtown crew will be cooking (and grooving) to a mix of jazz, hip hop, funk, house and old-school rock tunes, while the Old Town kitchen will stream blues, reggae, dub sounds and world music selections.