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THAIVISA & INSPIRE join forces with Movers & Shakers

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Recently the branding-machine of MOVERS & SHAKERS THAILAND (known for its successful networking events in Bangkok and Pattaya) reached an agreement with THAIVISA & INSPIRE to join forces! With this truly unique alliance the media-reach of these combined forces turns beyond ANY imagination!

What this means is Movers & Shakers with Inspire & ThaiVisa now cements its position as the biggest foreign networking group in Thailand by virtue of its reach! Are you a MOVER or a SHAKER? LET THEM KNOW! HOW?! – Just ASK!

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Media-reach run-down:

ThaiVisa Website traffic:                                     2,500,000 visitors every month

Newsletters:                                                            300,000 subscriptions that receive DAILY newsletters

Facebook:                                                                54,000 followers

LINE corporate:                                                     4,000 subscriptions

Twitter corporate:                                                 20,000 subscriptions

YouTube:                                                                 2,000 subscriptions

ThaiVisa News on local Cable TV, available in: Koh Samui, Bangkok and Pattaya French and Russian websites (NEW) combined: 28,000 visitors p.mth Online Radio: 26,000 listeners p.mth and growing fast


Operates in: Pattaya, Bangkok, Hua Hin and Phuket.

Email database:                                                      35,000 subscribers receive 2 newsletters per week in all regions

Regional websites:                                                  35,000 visitors’ p.mth

Facebook:                                                                 25,000 (includes a Thai Bangkok Facebook page)

Inspire Apps:                                                           2,000 users

Inspire “What’s on Thailand” show available on following cable networks, including hotels:

Bangkok:                                                                   600,000 subscribers

Pattaya:                                                                     50,000 subscribers

Hua Hin:                                                                   10,000 subscribers

Koh Samui:                                                               15,000 subscribers

YouTube:                                                                   2,000 subscriptions

Movers & Shakers

Operates in:                                                              Pattaya & Bangkok

Corporate Email database:                                    165,000

Facebook:                                                                   9,000 followers

M&S Bangkok: www.facebook.com/MoversShakersBangkok

M&S Pattaya: www.facebook.com/MoversShakersPattaya

M&S Chiang Mai: www.facebook.com/MoversShakersChiangMai

M&S on YouTube: www.youtube.com/MoversShakersBangkok