Bumrungrad Hospital and Thai AirAsia Announce “Vietnam Healing Hearts Charity” Program a Success Ready to Return the Patients and Their Families Home


Bumrungrad Hospital and Thai AirAsia have announced the outcomes of the “Vietnam Healing Hearts Charity” program, a project that selected 5 (4 adults and 1 child) destitute Vietnamese citizens suffering from congenital heart disease to receive surgery at Bumrungrad Hospital this past July, reporting great success in all the cases and that the patients are set to return home on 3 August 2016.

Dr. Num Tanthuwanit, CEO of Bumrungrad Hospital and committee member of Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation, on behalf of the foundation and the hospital voiced thanks to the Royal Thai Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and the Sponsoring Association for Poor Patients at Ho Chi Minh City for assisting the patients selected for the program and Thai AirAsia for sponsoring the program to its ultimate success.  He especially bid congratulations to the 5 patients and their families, who he said can now return to happier lives due to the readiness, expertise and technology of Bumrungrad Hospital’s medical staff and facilities.  He remarked that the hospital is very happy it was able to apply its exemplary services for the benefit of society.

The program was carried out to honor His Majesty the King on the occasion of his 70th accession anniversary, to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Vietnam as well as to observe the 36th anniversary of Bumrungrad Hospital’s founding.  Under the program, 5 impoverished Vietnamese citizens suffering from congenital heart disease were selected for surgery from 15-18 July 2016 at Bumrungrad Hospital at no expense.  All of those that underwent the procedures have fully recovered and will soon return home.

For the program was established since 2003 and has provided medical and surgical services to 735 Thai patients. All expenses for the surgery were covered by the program, from initial diagnoses to post-operative recovery with Bumrungrad’s standard at Bumrungrad Hospital. Food and accommodation costs for each patient’s family were also covered. And it was a great opportunity to have had Thai AirAsia as the program sponsor by having been supporting the program since last year Charity Hearts Surgery Program for Myanmar patient, by providing travel and accommodations for physicians dispatched to select the patients and travel for their families.

The 5 patients; Vo Van Lien aged 29, Thach Thi Chi aged 33, Thi Hoang Diem aged 39, Nguyen Thi Huong aged 26 and Le Thanch Thao aged 8 traveled from Vietnam to receive surgery and have all shown great recoveries, responding well to their procedures and exhibiting improved health.  All 5 have been prepared to return home on 3 August 2016 with AirAsia.

Mr. Tassapon Bijleveld, Chief Executive Officer of Thai AirAsia, stated the airline is very proud to have been a part of such a worthwhile program.  He explained AirAsia provided travel and accommodations for participating physicians in the program while they were in Vietnam as well as for the patients with no limits on the amount of seats they needed or which flight they chose.  He pointed out AirAsia worked very closely with Bumrungrad Hospital throughout the program and will do so until the patients are returned to their homes.

“Thai AirAsia took part in the first incarnation of this program several years ago in Myanmar and due to the wonderful success of that undertaking, we were more than willing to devote our full sponsorship to this new opportunity to help those in need of medical assistance” Mr. Tassapon said