Thai Vietjet receives the third aircraft, getting ready for domestic operations


Thai Vietjet today received a third new A320 Sharklet aircraft at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The airline is now set to launch maiden flights to Phuket, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai later this month.

 With the additional aircraft, Thai Vietjet now operates a whole fleet of modern, well-furnished A320s, which carry the registration codes of HS-VKA, HS-VKB and HS-VKC. Each aircraft has also been given a name of flower in accordance with the last letter of registration, including Amaryllis, Begonia and Camellia. One of the aircraft will also be the first wearing the livery of “Amazing Thailand” logo in the next few days. 

The newly received Sharklet A320 aircraft come equipped with a new fuel-saving wing tip device, which helps Vietjet to reduce impact to the environment while enabling the airline to save operational costs, thus reduce airfares for all passengers in the coming time. Each of the new aircraft also features comfy leather-covered seats, spacious leg-room and a brilliantly cozy design, all of which maximize every passenger’s flight experience with Vietjet. 


Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Binh, Vice President of Vietjet, said “Our commitment in developing tourism in Thailand has become a greater reality than ever today with this third aircraft joining our growing fleet. Our aircraft now are in good shape to further meet increasing travel demand of Thai people and international tourists in the Land of Smiles. We are proud to operate a new, modern and dynamic fleet and as always we are committed to operating a new generation of aircraft to bring our passengers comfortable and high-quality flights. 

The airline on September 6, 2016 announced its ‘domestic debut’ in Thailand by launching three new internal routes in the Land of Smiles – BangkokChiang Mai, Bangkok-Phuket, and Phuket-Chiang Rai – as well as one international route from Bangkok to Haiphong (Vietnam). The airline already operates direct routes from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and Hanoi.


Vietjet’s Flight Information in Thailand:




First flight


Bangkok – Phuket


Sep 15, 2016


Phuket – Chiang Rai

Tue, Thu, Sat

Sep 15, 2016


Bangkok – Chiang Mai


Sep 26, 2016


Bangkok – Haiphong (Halong Bay)

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

Nov 9, 2016


Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh City




Bangkok – Hanoi