Successful First Reconnaissance Voyage


Last month the Andaman Explorer successfully completed a full recce of the Mergui Archipelago. All went according to plan sailing from Rangoon to Kawthaung and back, circumnavigating this incredible archipelago of virtually unknown and uninhabited islands off the coast of Burma. We are proud to have achieved our goal after a two-year restoration project, overcoming many technical challenges and red tape impediments along the way. We are now ready to set sail and explore a previously off limits and inaccessible Maritime Burma.

Explore the raw beauty of Lampi Marine National Park with its contrasts of mangrove forests, bountiful exotic birdlife, rainforest and coral reefs, further coloured by the Mokkein sea gypsies and their fishing community. Discover the limestone caves and secret lagoon of Cocks Comb Island by kayak. Swim in crystal clear waters and stroll along stunning white beaches untouched by the tourist footprint. Relax at the end of each adventurous day with a refreshing Pandaw cocktail at sunset and our renowned on board cuisine.