7 MG5 Tips for Women Who Drive On a Daily Basis

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Driving in a big city where the roads are congested may not allow city drivers to drive at a very high speed, leaving lesser chances of severe accidents occurring than long distance driving, but other forms of danger on the road should not be underestimated. MG Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd, is delighted to share some driving safety tips specially for female drivers, and knowledge about various features of inkaNet, MG’s unique intelligent communication technology to ensure safety and enhance convenience, coupled with the spacious cabin of the MG5 that is equivalent to a compact car, powered by the TURBO 1.5L engine that offers maximum power of 129 PS.


  1. Do not park in isolated or dark areas

Avoid parking in isolated, dark or out of sight areas, such as in alleyways or dark corners of a parking lot. In the case that parking all day until nightfall is necessary, it is recommended to park the car in a well-lit spot and not too far from the building entrance. This will help prevent the chance of robbery of belongings stored inside the car, or even the car from being stolen. This practice also helps avoid being attacked by a criminal. If parking in a dimly lit spot or isolated corner is necessary, valuable items shouldn’t be kept inside the car. Be aware of your surroundings every time you get in and out of the vehicle, and lock all doors immediately after getting in. The inkaNet system installed in the MG5 can play a safeguard role in your car as it communicates with the driver through the Vehicle Alarm function giving notifications via a smartphone application if any abnormal activity or error occurs with the vehicle. This function alerts the driver in real time if the engine is started and the vehicle is being driven. In the event that the car is stolen, it provides the driver with real-time vehicle position tracking via its Navigation system. The driver can also make a call to the MG Call Centre through the inkaNet application in order to follow up and ask for assistance and coordination.

  1. Plan your route before take off

It’s better to plan the route before beginning your journey to arrive at your destination quickly, safely and use your fuel efficiently. The Navigation system, a feature within inkaNet in the MG5, not only displays the route, but it also offers the driver real-time traffic conditions in order to help you plan your route amid congested traffic conditions. In addition to these features, the system also informs places of interest by showing an icon on the display, which includes tourist attractions, restaurants and shopping malls.

  1. Feel accompanied along your journey with MG’s Personal Assistance

In addition to the Navigation system and real-time traffic conditions display, the inkaNet also features a Personal Assistance function, known as i-Call. This feature facilitates the contact between the driver and the MG Call Centre, for various types of information and basic suggestions on roadside assistance, as well as to request a Point of Interest which will be delivered to the touch screen in the MG5 directly without having to search it yourself.

  1. Fuel efficient driving

Although driving in a big city where the roads are congested doesn’t leave much option for fuel efficient driving, it can be easily done by following these techniques. Firstly, do not leave the engine on while the vehicle is parked for a long time. Take good care of the vehicle by following the maintenance schedule at regular intervals. Do not press the accelerator pedal too often and avoid unnecessary aggressive acceleration during start offs. Always leave an appropriate distance between your car and the preceding vehicle while driving, in order to avoid unnecessary pressing of the brake pedal too. For MG5 drivers, the inkaNet also provides a Fuel Consumption notification. This helps the driver to monitor his/her driving behavior and indicates the fuel consumption resulting from his/her driving behavior. The function can read and display both weekly and monthly average fuel consumption, plus it can compare your fuel consumption results with other MG5 owners too. Special offer: every MG5 owner will receive 5 years of inkaNet services for free.

  1. Pay attention while driving

It is recommended that drivers refrain from other activities while driving, such as using mobile phones, putting on make-up, eating food or snacks, or any other such activities. An accident can occur within a split-second when taking your hands off the steering wheel or when taking your eyes off the road, so complete attention is essential.

  1. Learn basic engine operation

For female drivers who normally drive alone, learning the basic operations of how the engine works in order to be able to perform some basic vehicle checks on your own, such as, checking and adding distilled water, checking engine oil or checking & inflating tire inflation pressure, is highly recommended. Besides the little checks you can do yourself, your vehicle must be checked by an authorized MG Service Centre on a regular interval in accordance with the maintenance schedule, in order to always keep your vehicle in prompt condition.

  1. Make sure mobile phone is ready to use at all times

Although it is not recommended that drivers use their mobile phone while driving, MG recommends having your mobile phone ready at all times with the battery fully charged to quickly use in the event of an emergency, especially for women drivers driving alone. All important contacts, such as, your insurance company number, police station contacts, emergency team and other necessary emergency phone numbers should be pre-recorded in the mobile phone as well.