MG launches its digital campaign “MG GS – The 8.2 Challenge”

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 MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launches its newest communication strategy with a digital campaign, MG GS – The 8.2 Challenge. The campaign puts the NEW MG GS’s turbo engine side by side with special talents that are performed within 8.2 seconds by Thai record holders from various fields.

These demonstrate and reaffirm the NEW MG GS’s outstanding performance in accelerating from 0-100 kph in just 8.2 seconds. MG GS – The 8.2 Challenge is aimed at directly reaching the target audience and leaving a striking impression. The video clips are now available on MG Thailand Facebook and MG Thailand YouTube.
“MG looks to directly communicate and leave a memorable connection with our target customer – the young generation who are active on social media and passionate about challenges and individuality. This digital campaign reflects the NEW MG GS Sport SUV’s character of a great leader, which is in line with the NEW MG GS’s concept, FOLLOW NO OTHERS, when it is compared to those unparalleled talents that could be performed and accomplished within 8.2 seconds,” said Mr. Pongsak Lertruedeewattanawong, Vice President of MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
MG is launching 4 video clips through social platforms under the campaign MG GS – The 8.2 Challenge. Each 45-second long video clip tells a story of world record holders and champions from various fields. These include:
          1) The Rubik Cube champion of Thailand in 2015, Mr. Nipat Charoenpholphant, Thai Rubik Cube genius who broke the world record by solving the Rubik Cube in 8.2 seconds. Click to find out how.
2) The speed rope skipping champion, aged under 14, in 2015, Mr. Nattawoot Kumsatit, who skips 42 times in 8.2 seconds. Click to find out how.
3) The bartender champion for Flair Bartending for 6 times, Mr. Thada Sangkamplee, who juggled bottles/shakers 12 rounds in 8.2 seconds at Thailand’s Got Talent Season
4. Click to find out how.
4) The supermodel Olga Svyryda, who competed in self-portrait – selfie photo-shooting and retouching in 8.2 seconds. Click to find out how.
“Our mission was to reach a wider range of audience and to build awareness and the mental image of the thrilling NEW MG GS with demonstrations. Our job is to develop content that is concise and easy to understand, thus, we create 45-second video clips that effectively capture the audience and ensures that the concept is imprinted in their minds. It must also challenge the viewers through the performance of the selected talents in hopes of emphasizing the NEW MG GS’s capability,” said Mr. Saharath Sawadatikom, Managing Director and Executive Creative Director of CJ WORX Co., Ltd.
The NEW MG GS Sport SUV with 2.0-litre turbocharged petro engine delivers an impressive 218PS at 5,300 rpm. The maximum torque is at 350 Nm at 2,500-4,000 rpm and it accelerates from 0-100 kph in 8.2 seconds. It is also compatible with the most cost effective petrol, E85 bioethanol. All of which makes the NEW MG GS superior than any other vehicles in the same segment.
Click to watch the NEW MG GS’s The 8.2 Challenge campaign to challenge all champions.