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MG Truly Meets Today’s Lifestyle with ‘inkaNet’ Synergizing Driver and Vehicle


MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the distributor of world renowned British car brand MG, continues to meet the modern demands of today’s lifestyle with its unique system, inkaNet. inkaNet allows MG drivers to connect with their vehicles through a mobile communication network using real-timetechnology, letting them control and check the status of their MG vehicle anytime and anywhere, for the ultimate comfort, convenience, and safety.


“In today’s lifestyle, where people are often fully connected and communicating at all times, MG now offers inkaNet, the system that truly connects the driver and his vehicle through a wireless connection for convenience, which providing confidence, and elevating safety for MG owners. inkaNet is like a personal assistant for MG drivers, making daily life and activities easier.” said Mr. Pongsak Lertruedeewattanawong, Vice President, MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

inkaNet is a standard feature in three of the MG models that are available in Thailand, starting from the MG6 (E85), followed by the MG5, and the NEW MG GS. inkaNet connects through a T-Box, which is a communication device installed in these MG models, and a MG server for data storage to ensure maximum security for drivers. This system was first developed and introduced by SAIC Motor Corporation, the parent company of SAIC Motor – CP and MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to be used in MGs in 2010. Since then, the system has been continually improved with new additions added to cover control, communication and i-Call functions, providing ever more comfort and safety for drivers.

The control function provides increased safety and is available to use at all times by simply checking for the status of the MG vehicle on a smartphone wherever and whenever. Drivers can check the engine, braking system, airbags, or the current status of the vehicle such as battery level and outside temperature. Drivers also get alerts when an unlikely car movement is detected, or unlikely engine start, with an SMS warning and a push notification sent to the driver. This function also allows drivers to lock or unlock the car from anywhere, as well as ordering the car to turn on with the headlights. In addition, inkaNet allows drivers to pinpoint the car radius within the range of 500 metres to 10 kilometres. In the case of the vehicle being located further than the set radius, drivers will get notifications immediately.

The control function of inkaNet provides fuel consumption rate to update drivers on their driving behaviours, comparing their weekly and monthly fuel consumptions so as to save costs. MG owners can also compare their fuel consumption rate with other MG owners.


While the communication function allows drivers to be connected to their vehicle at all times, MG drivers are able to share Wi-Fi signals, send and receive SMS messages, as well as call and pick up from the touchscreen in the car.

Besides the communication function, MG provides i-Call, which functions like a personal assistant, to facilitate drivers in finding directions to their destination on Google Maps before traveling. With

i-Call, MG drivers can also reach the MG Call Centre right at their fingertips to get further helpful information, including providing and sending the route of the driver’s Point of Interest directly to the in-car touch screen monitor without any search effort.

For the first time users, MG drivers must register their ownership details for verification for security. Drivers can register by using any of the three offered three channels – smartphone, computer or, the MG Call Centre.

All customers are ensured with a 4 year or 120,000 kilometer warranty, Roadside Assistance, MG 24-hour Call Centre and offsite-site periodic maintenance (Mobile Services) when an appointment has been scheduled beforehand. Moreover, all customers who buy MG cars with inkaNet will receive a special gift of a 5 year inkaNet service without any charge.

The NEW MG GS has 2 models; the2.0T D 2WD priced at 1,210,000 Baht and the 2.0T X AWD priced at1,310,000 Baht.

The MG5 has 4 models; the 1.5 D priced at 649,000 Baht, the 1.5 X Sunroof priced at 699,000 Baht, the 1.5 Turbo D priced at 719,000 Baht and 1.5 Turbo X Sunroof priced at 759,000 Baht.