SAIC MG E-motion Concept Car’s World Premiere MG Brand’s New Era Taps Future Generations For Explosive Growth

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Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) continues to raise and strengthen MG’s iconic brand status by launching its new electric concept supercar, MG E-motion Concept, at the 17th Shanghai International Auto Show. Liverpool Football Club’s legendary striker Ian Rush was also on hand to launch a new Liverpool customized version of its fast-selling ‘first intelligent SUV’ MG ZS. This follows the ‘Red Army’ versions of its famous MG GS and MG 5 models that have already proved popular with younger customers who are passionate about driving the iconic brand. SAIC, with its co-investor, CP, is a manufacturer and distributer of MG vehicles in Thailand under SAIC Motor – CP, and MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

According to Wang Xiaoqiu – General Manager of SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle, each MG model becomes a trend setting classic that is designed to appeal to the youth of each emerging generation. This strategy continues MG’s 100-year-old tradition of manufacturing fashionable, chic cars for young trendy individuals who appreciate the brand’s iconic style and legendary design.

Every new generation has its own youthful perspective and passion. For over 100 years MG has tapped into this demand by creating trend setting, fashionable cars that are the benchmark of excellence for young consumers.

The all new MG E-motion Concept car combines design innovation, SAIC’s advanced technologies with internet connectivity. By tapping into its ‘Sensibility’ design essence MG has created a dynamic and elegant outer body proportion with the back position of the ‘A’ column producing a lean and slender, classic two-door ‘sports back’ style true to MG’s 100-year DNA.

Its dynamic front great utilizes superb LED starlight headlamps that honour MG’s classic design while incorporating elements of the London Eye. Vertical tail lights continue the aesthetic traditions of the past with a nod to the future.

MG E-motion Concept is also equipped with revolutionary ‘Black Technology’ based on SAIC’s new pure electric modular architecture platform that goes from zero to 100kph in under four seconds with a range of over 500 kilometres per charge. This makes it both a dream to drive and a zero-emission alternative energy sports car. Plus, a custom designed intelligent internet connectivity system means the online universe is only one click away.

Liverpool FC legendary striker Ian Rush personally launched the ‘Liverpool Version’ of the MG ZS at the Shanghai Auto Show. Billed as an ‘intelligent SUV’ exclusively for young people, the model targets Liverpool’s massive global fan base or ‘Red Army’ of football fans looking for a standout ride that represents their individual character.

Since its March launch the MG ZS has grabbed market share with its head turning packaged of standard options and other unique innovations from SAIC Group ensures buyers will “Never Walk Alone”. These include the largest 1.19sqm sunroof on the market, 8” super control panel and its powerful intelligent interconnected system. Total sales volume has exceeded 20,000 units inclusive of a record 4,200 vehicles in just a three-day period. During March 2017 alone sales of the hot selling MG ZS plus MG GS and MG 5 increased by 76% compared to the same month last year. Overall sales have increased 51% year to date compare to 2016 which far surpasses the industry average.

By designing and manufacturing cars that set trends rather than follow them MG is ahead of the times. The MG E-motion Concept car and custom MG ZS ‘Liverpool Version’ custom SUV are poised to continue strong sales growth because of their trend-setting designs and state-of-the-art technologies that appeal to the new generation of fun loving technology savvy youth. MG’s century old legend of youth appeal is well positioned to continue for another hundred years.

Mr. Pongsak Lertrudeewattanavong, Vice President of MG Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said: “MG ZS’ striking state-of-the art design and high-tech features resonate with prospective car buyers, as it immediately proved popular with Chinese consumers. Over 4,000 cars were sold immediately after its recent launch in China, and we are optimistic for a similar response in Thailand. It is the ‘must buy’ model to watch in 2017.”