Bangkok-Singapore tourist train locomotive on fire


A fire has broken out on a locomotive of a Bangkok-Singapore tourist train this morning with no injuries reported.

The locomotive of a 17-bogey tourist train caught fire at 8:30 am this morning after leaving Kanchanaburi station.


The Eastern & Oriental Express train service is a luxury tourist train departing from Bangkok to Singapore with a stopover at Kanchanaburi for one night. The accident occurred after the train left the Kanchanaburi station after stopping at the station for five minutes, said train driver Phichitsamart Suntranusorn.

Kanchanaburi Provincial Police Superintendent Pol.Col. Pisut Sukrasorn assumes that the fire originated from fuel leakage from the locomotive which was ignited by a spark from the friction of the wheel and the rail.

Another assumption for the fire is the old conditions of the locomotive, which has been in use for over thirty years.