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4 shots you cannot miss at 2 riverside locations of ‘The Coffee Club’ ‘Must do’ in 2022 for foodies, photographers, chill-out and scene lovers

Looking at the lifestyle of people in this modern world, it cannot be denied that more and more people fall in love with photography and are always seeking new spots that best suit their lifestyle.

The Coffee Club has foreseen this as an opportunity to indulge them with the mood and tones alongside the Chao Phraya River from dusk till dawn at the two popular branches, Tha Maha Raj and The River City.

  • ‘Yummy Shot’ delicious food and drinks – Shoot before you Chew!

‘The Coffee Club’ is ready to take their customers on a tour with sweet, savoury, and drink menus, whether it is the all-day breakfast ‘Classic Eggs Benedict’ served with poached egg and smoked salmon; Thai style breakfast like porridge served with several side dishes; or selections of fruits, tea, and world-class coffee, all at your own choice.

  • ‘Funny & Relax Shot’ fun and relax alone or with friends in every corner at The Coffee Club

Whether it is to relax, chit-chat, networking, alone, or in a group, The Coffee Club has it all with free WiFi and power sockets for every occasion in every corner both indoor and outdoor. Enjoy the moment and indulge in the atmosphere in your privacy.

  • Happy Shot’ indulge in the scene from dusk till dawn a The Coffee Club

The customers can enjoy the moment at The Coffee Club since the start of the day with a simple beverage, followed by some main dishes at lunch, and end the spectacular day with selections of sweet and savoury with loved ones.

  • Special Moment Shot’ share your special moments, every day is special, at The Coffee Club

‘The Coffee Club’ is ready to be a part of the special moment everyone is looking for with an explicit service where customers can enjoy every day whether it be on weekdays or special occasions. The Coffee Club is ready to serve customers at all 30 branches nationwide, covering business areas and tourist attractions both in Bangkok and other provinces such as Phuket, Chiang-Mai, Koh Samui, Hua-Hin, Pattaya, and Krabi.

(Bangkok countdown at The Coffee Club River City)

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