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5 Free Things to do in Pattaya

No money, no honey, so they say, but that never stopped Yogi Bear. Money makes the world go around. But if we destroy all the trees, kill all the animals, and contaminate all our water supplies, we would finally realize that we can’t eat money. Philosophical musings aside, did you ever get to the last few days of your holiday in Pattaya or another destination, and realize you hadn’t budgeted correctly? Canned too much money in a drunken stupor? Is it time to sell your body on Walking Street? Well here are some ideas for the things you can do in Pattaya with no money!

People Watching on Walking Street Pattaya

If you enjoy throngs of people from everywhere, blinding neon-lights, and screams of laughter that could burst your eardrums, then vising Walking Street Pattaya is for you! With hundreds of bars and restaurants, Walking Street is the epicenter of the Pattaya tourism scene.

There are lots of free things to do on Walking Street during your holiday in Pattaya.  You catch street performers doing magic shows, watch some local boys breakdancing with fire, or just soak up the exciting atmosphere in general.

You thought that Michael Jackson was dead, right? That was just a ruse, so he could follow his true dream of performing street magic tricks to impressionable tourists on Walking Street without the hullabaloo of being such a famous musical artist. If you have been there before, you will know what I am talking about. If you are keeping your spending to a minimum, you could get a cheap beer from 7/11 and just sit back and enjoy the show! Hours can pass on Walking Street, even with no money in your pockets.

Sunbathe at Bangsaray Beach

Although the obvious free thing to do on holiday in Pattaya would be to hit the beach, if you have your own transport, we would recommend that you take a 20-minute drive out to Bangsaray Beach for a spot of relaxation and sunbathing. Make sure you take your own towel or beach matt along. Bangsaray Beach is simply stunning, and the views out across the Gulf of Thailand with Pattaya visible in the distance make this one of the best free places to visit in the Pattaya region.

If you drive on Sukhumvit Road towards Rayong for about 20-minutes, you will see the Amazone Cartoon Network Water Park… and Bangsaray Beach is nowhere near there! Just joking. Literally a few hundred yards later, you can turn right off Sukhumvit and be directly at Bangsaray Beach. This is literally one of the most stunning beaches in the region. Other beaches just a further drive down the same coastline are the Thai Navy Beach, also known as Sai Kaew. In fact, there are lots of hidden beaches in this area, so as long as you have petrol/gas in the tank, you can have a great day exploring where other farangs dare not venture Captain Kirk.

Climb the Hill at Wat Phra Khao Yai

Yep, okay, climbing is not always fun. The only time I ever climb is out of the window of a married woman’s house when her husband came home unexpectedly from work! But some people do love climbing when they are on holiday, and it can be quite a nice leisurely pastime- and it’s free.

If you feel a bit energetic on your holiday in Pattaya and want to see something special, we would suggest you take a stroll to the summit of Pratumnak Hill. Here you will find the popular temple known as Wat Phra Khao Yai. This temple has unique, very large, Buddha sculptures and amazing views of the Gulf of Thailand. This is a great place to catch the sunset, and again, the best part of it all is that it’s free!

If you are coming from the Pattaya Beach Road direction, Pratumank Hill is directly at the back-end of Walking Street. If you want to find Pratumnak Hill from the Jomtien area, just walk up Thappraya Road until you find the hill on your left. If you are coming from the Azerbaijan direction it won’t work, you are in another country completely.

Visiting Buddha Mountain and Silverlake Vineyard

As mentioned above, the region really does have lots of things to see and do for free. Over towards Bangsaray, you will find the stunning attraction known as Buddha Mountain. this features a gold encrusted Buddha image on the side of a mountain, surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is a great place to relax and reflect as the Bhudda would have intended. You will also find Silverlake Vineyard nearby, which is also free to enter and a great place to bask in the stunning countryside.

This part of the region is simply gorgeous. The open spaces, fields, lakes, temples and so-forth make this a great place to visit. If you really are flat-broke but have transportation, you can while away a few hours in this beautiful Thai countryside location. If you want directions to Silverlake and Buddha Mountain, just take the same instructions to find Bangsaray Beach, but instead of turning right after the Amazone Water Park, just keep driving for 20-seconds and there will be a signpost for a turn on the left to Silverlake.

Mountain Biking Around Lake Mabprachan

To do this for free you need a mountain bike. If you don’t have a mountain bike, or money left to rent one, there might be one laying around somewhere on Pattaya Beach Road that you can borrow until later! One place to go is just over 12km outside of the city (relatively local) in an area known as East Pattaya, is the relaxing Lake Mabprachan Reservoir. This part of Pattaya can easily be found by going directly over Sukhumvit Road near Pattaya Nua towards Siam Country Club Golf Course. Keep going straight on and you will find Lake Mabprachan on the right. This area in Pattaya is mostly frequented by expats who live outside Pattaya and is a really pleasant place to be. You will find some great restaurants in and around the lake such as The Loft Resort, The Loft Pub, the Goodlife Bar/Restaurant and the Little House Café. But if you have no money, maybe you will have to wash some pots for food.

If you do take the leisurely bike ride to Lake Mabrachan, inside the entrance is a park area and a forested space with cycle trails through the jungle. It’s not very long, but is a very nice experience, and totally free. A trek around the lake on your bike will be a memorable part of your stay. You might actually be happy that you hammered your money in the first week of your holiday. The booze, babes and drunken adventures were all worth it so you could get to see a real slice of the local and the expat life in Pattaya.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy these free things to do during your holiday in Pattaya. These are not just great for people who spent their money too quickly, but also for the Scrooges amongst us.

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