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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

‘8th Stories Condo Design Service’ No.1 of Thailand ‘Pattana Professional’ beloved of Thai and foreign entrepreneurs diaplayed in ‘EUROPE’

More than 18 years, Pattana Professional Co., Ltd. leader of best-known service business ‘8th Stories Condo Design’ of every level entrepreneurs. Projects of Pattana Professional can see evidently in every street of Bangkok and main provinces.

In between 19th-25th May 2019, Pattana Professional Co., Ltd. has selected from Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) to displayed ‘8th Stories Condo Design Service’ at Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia Federation. Because of ‘8th stories Condo Design Service’ has known from European and Middle Asian. It’s easy for invest. The pictures are 1) The Landscape Condominium, Sangjan, Rayong 2) The Landscape Executive Condominium (Sangjan, Rayong) 3) Plus Condominium, Krathu, Phuket 4) Bhukitta Airport Condominium, Sakhu, Phuket

If you’re interest to develop your land in term of 8th stories Condo. We have experience and copy of construction permission document to show for your check. Please contact 086 610 5282 (Domestic) and +66 86 610 5282 (From Abroad) and E Mail : Pattanapro20@gmail.com as well as www.pattanapro.com


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