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Thursday, March 23, 2023

“A Silent Voice”; A Group Exhibition Curated by Michela Sena

Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok proudly presents a group show with works by artists from Southeast Asia. The exhibition offers a distinctive glance by six outstanding artists, providing the transformation and recent developments of new emerging talented artists originating from different parts of the world. Nowadays, media is available to anyone in a democratic way, people from all walks of life can not only access media as a recipient of messages, but can also directly transmit messages to the rest of the world. “The media experience has become universal” (“Understanding Media”, McLuhan, 1964). Understanding the media, as McLuhan already observed in 1969, is the prerequisite for understanding the world.

This, more than a transformation, is a real revolution and the revolution affects art at the language level. Art language has dramatically evolved, in less than three decades. We witnessed the transition from a multi-language and regional art world, toward a leveling of languages. The result is the birth of a common universal language: artists from different areas share a single aesthetic, and it is no longer necessary to refer to a socio-cultural context to decode a word.

There are no different aesthetics when aesthetic become unique and universal. As a result of this transition, the art of any provenance speaks for itself and speaks to everyone. This new artistic language is a real common language that has definitely emancipated the contemporary art scene from the cryptic linguistic babel of 30 years ago.

This exhibition gathers a new generation, who possess a general accent on the individual dimension. These six artists begin from personal experience, affirming the value of their perceptions and individual language. At last, the exhibition reveals private reflections and personal artistic vision for viewers.

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