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Agoda Reveals Most Popular Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

 Agoda.com, one of the world’s fastest growing digital travel platforms (https://www.agoda.com/?site_id=1811392), reveals Tokyo, Paris and Las Vegas are the destinations-of-choice in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America for travelers celebrating New Year’s Eve.

In Asia Pacific, Tokyo steadfastly continues to be the most popular destination to ring in the New Year taking top spot again in 2019, while Taipei moves up to number two spot, and knocks Bangkok into third place. Thailand has, however, the most destinations for New Year Eve celebrations in the Asia Pacific region, with three of its bustling cities featuring in the rankings (Bangkok at #3, Chiang Mai at #7, and Pattaya at #10). Manila makes an entrance at number six.

In Europe, Paris and London have both held on to their spots as the two most popular destinations, while Rome leapfrogged Barcelona to take the third most popular destination title. The top climber in the European rankings this year is Milan which with its free New Year’s Eve shows, traditional fireworks displays and buzzing nightlife has moved up three places to become the seventh most popular New Year’s Eve destination.

This year, in North America, the party city of Las Vegas has edged out New York as the number one New Year’s Eve destination. Meanwhile, similar to last year, the City of Angels Los Angeles remains the third most popular destination to ring in the New Year. Hawaii’s Honolulu entered the list of the first time this year, coming in strong at the fourth rank with its beaches, lively parties and rich culture.

Asia Pacific Europe North America
2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019
1.     Tokyo 1.     Tokyo   1.     Paris 1.     Paris   1.     New York (NY) 1.     Las Vegas (NV)
2.     Bangkok 2.     Taipei   2.     London 2.     London   2.     Las Vegas (NV) 2.     New York (NY)
3.     Taipei 3.     Bangkok   3.     Barcelona 3.     Rome   3.     Los Angeles (CA) 3.     Los Angeles (CA)
4.     Seoul 4.     Osaka   4.     Rome 4.     Barcelona   4.     Orlando (FL) 4.     Honolulu (HI)
5.     Osaka 5.     Seoul   5.     Berlin 5.     Amsterdam   5.     Oahu (HI) 5.     San Francisco (CA)
6.     Pattaya 6.     Manila   6.     Amsterdam 6.     Berlin   6.     San Francisco (CA) 6.     Orlando (FL)
7.     Taichung 7.     Chiang Mai   7.     Istanbul 7.     Milan   7.     Chicago (IL) 7.     Toronto (ON)
8.     Hong Kong 8.     Bali   8.     Prague 8.     Prague   8.     New Orleans (LA) 8.     Miami Beach (FL)
9.     Bali 9.     Kuala Lumpur   9.     Madrid 9.     Istanbul   9.     Miami (FL) 9.     Vancouver (BC)
10.   Chiang Mai 10.   Pattaya   10.   Milan 10.   Madrid   10.   Toronto (ON) 10.   Chicago (IL)

Overall Top 2019 Destinations

According to 2019 booking data from Agoda, Japan and Thailand continued to win hearts as the top Asian countries to visit for travelers across the globe. Among European countries, France took the crown, nudging the United Kingdom and Italy into second and third place for the year.

Meanwhile, Bangkok, Paris and Las Vegas were the top destination cities in Asia, Europe and North America respectively for the last 12 months. Bangkok and Las Vegas held on to their crowns as top destinations in their regions as compared to last year, while Paris replaced London as the most popular destination in Europe.

Asia Pacific Top Cities in Europe Top Cities in

North America

2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019
Top Countries Top Countries Top Cities
1.     Japan 1.     Japan 1.     United Kingdom 1.     France 1.     Las Vegas (NV) 1.     Las Vegas (NV)
2.     Thailand 2.     Thailand 2.     Italy 2.     United Kingdom 2.     Los Angeles (CA) 2.     New York (NY)
3.     Malaysia 3.     Malaysia 3.     France 3.     Italy 3.     New York (NY) 3.     Los Angeles (CA)
Top Cities Top Cities 4.     Orlando (FL) 4.     San Francisco (CA)
1.     Bangkok 1.     Bangkok 1.     London 1.     Paris 5.     San Francisco (CA) 5.     Honolulu (HI)
2.     Tokyo 2.     Kuala Lumpur 2.     Paris 2.     London 6.     Chicago (IL) 6.     Orlando (FL)
3.     Kuala Lumpur 3.     Tokyo 3.     Rome 3.     Rome 7.     Phoenix (AZ) 7.     Chicago (IL)
4.     Hong Kong 4.     Taipei 4.     Barcelona 4.     Istanbul 8.     Houston (TX) 8.     Seattle (WA)
5.     Osaka 5.     Seoul 5.     Istanbul 5.     Barcelona 9.     Oahu (HI) 9.     Toronto (ON)
6.     Taipei 6.     Osaka 6.     Amsterdam 6.     Amsterdam 10.   San Diego (CA) 10.   San Diego (CA)
7.     Seoul 7.     Hong Kong 7.     Milan 7.     Milan
8.     Singapore 8.     Manila 8.     Madrid 8.     Berlin
9.     Bali 9.     Singapore 9.     Venice 9.     Prague
10.   Pattaya 10.   Bali 10.   Prague 10.   Madrid


New Year’s Eve Travel

  • Chiang Mai and Pattaya both hold on to their number one and number two spots for Thais to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
  • Bangkok overtook Tokyo for the number three spot, rising two places from last year.
  • Thais are making the most of the natural beauty and experiences offered in their homeland with seven of the top destination choices within Thailand. Top international destinations include Tokyo (#4), Taipei (#8) and Osaka (#9).
Thailand: Top New Year Destinations 2019
1.     Chiang Mai
2.     Pattaya

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