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AirAsia Santan adds 3 Thai street food favorites to in-flight menu

AirAsia Santan presents a new menu for Q4 2019 under the theme “Thai Street Food”, bringing three famous streetside dishes from across Thailand to the sky.

The dishes are Pad Thai with Egg Wrap, After You Bread with Salted Egg Custard and Dark Chocolate Custard and Boba Thai Milk Tea, all available from today to 31 December 2019.

All three dishes are favoured by Thai and foreign foodies alike, starting with Pad Thai with Egg Wrap, fragrant and flavourful noodles and plump shrimp wrapped in a soft omelette, a delicious inflight treat that has to be savoured.

Another dish, After You Bread with Salted Egg Custard and Dark Chocolate Custard, features two different but complementary kinds of kaya custard, salted egg and chocolate, combined with soft fluffy bread to make a snack that cannot be had only once.

The final dish extends AirAsia’s most popular offering for the past three quarters, Boba Thai Milk Tea, a drink that is sure to be the talk of the town.

AirAsia Thailand Head of InFlight Services On-anong Methapipatkul said, “We want to do away with the perception that airline food is boring and unappealing. We believe our guests should have fun every time they travel with us and inflight meals are a big part of that, so we’ve put worked closely with famous chefs and restaurants to ensure a delicious experience every time.”

Market research has shown that AirAsia’s inflight menu, on top of offering a delicious treat for guests, has helped to encourage travel, with its earlier Milk Tea and Konjac Pearl drink becoming a viral sensation and its previous After You Pink Milk Bread becoming a top gift for travellers.

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