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AirAsia Thailand Wraps Up December Alone with 10 Routes Commenced! Focuses on Stimulating Travel from China and India

AirAsia Thailand is taking advantage of the year-end travel season by inaugurating flights on 10 new routes in December 2018 alone, flying from across its hubs including Chiang Mai-Beijing (China), Chiang Mai-Nangchang (China), Krabi-Macau, Krabi-Hong Kong, Krabi-Chongqing (China), Bangkok-Gaya (India), Bangkok- Bhubaneswar (India), Bangkok- Visakhapatnam (India), Bangkok-Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Khon Kaen-U-Tapao (Pattaya), looking to attract travellers from China and India to visit Thailand.

Santisuk Klongchaiya, Chief Executive Officer of Thai AirAsia, said that between Q4 (Oct-Dec) and Q1 (Jan-Mar) of each year is an active travel season and an important time for revenue generation for both airlines and the nation. Efforts by the public and private sectors to build confidence in Thailand’s tourism sector have already begun to bear positive results from major tourism markets such as China and India. Thai AirAsia believes it is important to continually present new routes to capitalize on such opportunities, spreading the routes out across all of its flight hubs from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Krabi, all of which have seen strong growth.

“After gradually introducing routes, the airline is finally inaugurating a total of 10 routes in mere December, comprising 9 international destinations and 1 domestic interregional connection. All have been well received and we intend to maintain our leadership as a low-fare carrier always ready to present new and diverse travel opportunities.”

Chiang Mai-Beijing (China) began flying 7 times a week on 30 November, Chiang Mai-Nanchang (China) began flying 4 times a week on 1 December, Krabi-Macau began flying 4 times a week on 1 December, Krabi-Hong Kong began flying 3 times a week on 2 December, Krabi-Chongqing (China) begins flying 7 times a week on 7 December, Bangkok-Gaya (India) began flying 4 times a week on 3 December, Bangkok- Bhubaneswar (India) begins flying 3 times a week on 6 December, Bangkok- Visakhapatnam (India) begins flying 4 times a week on 7 December, Bangkok-Colombo (Sri Lanka) begins flying 4 times a week on 14 December and Khon Kaen-U-Tapao (Pattaya) begins flying 4 times a week on 21 December 2018.

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