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Bangkok Airways to resume Passenger Lounges, Food and Beverages Kiosks, starting 1 March 2021 onwards

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited announces that the airline will resume its passenger lounges, food and beverages kiosk services at Suvarnabhumi airport, Chiang Mai airport, Phuket airport, Krabi airport, Samui airport, Sukhothai airport and Trat airport in order to facilitate their domestic passengers. The service is scheduled to resume from 1 March 2021 onwards.

The table below shows operating hours of passenger lounges, food and beverages kiosk services at each airport;

Airport Operating Hours
1-27 March 2021 28-31 March 2021
Day Time Day Time
Suvarnabhumi Everyday 06.30-17.30hrs. Everyday 06.30-17.30hrs.
Samui Everyday 09.00-20.00hrs. Everyday 08.00-20.00hrs.
Chiang Mai Everyday 08.00-09.30hrs.


Everyday 08.00-09.30hrs.



Airport Operating Hours
1-27 March 2021 28-31 March 2021
Day Time Day Time
Phuket Everyday 08.30-10.00hrs.


Everyday 08.30-10.00hrs.



Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12.30-14.00hrs. (added)
Krabi Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 08.30-11.00hrs.


Everyday 08.30-11.00hrs.


Sukhothai Everyday 07.30-09.30hrs.


Everyday 07.30-09.30hrs.


Trat Everyday 11.00-13.000hrs. Everyday 11.00-13.00hrs.

Passengers will still be required to wear protective facial mask at all times, except when drinking or eating. Moreover, the company (airline & airports) will continue to strictly follow precautionary measures against the COVID-19 that include disinfecting and cleaning all key areas such as check-in counters, passenger lounges, food & beverage kiosks as well as intensifying their social distancing procedures, especially at high–traffic points such as check-in counters, passenger buses, passenger lounges with limitation of users. The airline’s precaution and prevention plans are in accordance with the standards and guidance of the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health and The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

For more information on COVID-19 measures and guidelines please refer to: https://bit.ly/3j9eono. For other assistance, please visit www.bangkokair.com or contact call center at 1771 and +662-270-6699 during operating hours (08.00hrs.–20.00hrs.)

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