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Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary: Your Ultimate Wellness Retreat

Relax, revitalize and rejuvenate with an indulgent stay at Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary: Phuket’s newest boutique wellness retreat. An intimate enclave of 12 exclusive villas nestled amongst exotic gardens beside the tranquil lagoons of Cherngtalay Beach, guests are invited to completely unwind and relax during their stay. 

The adults-only resort delivers a completely unique experience focused on improving overall wellbeing, with a multitude of bespoke activities and spa rituals designed to nourish the mind, body and soul. Spa Sanctuary’s one-of-a-kind wellness journey is cleansing and empowering, ideal for guests who wish to relieve stress, recentre the mind and restore optimal health.

Spa Sanctuary presents each guest with a custom wellness program, carefully tailored to meet the health and wellness goals of each individual. For travellers wanting to de-stress, there is a mindful awareness program available, matching calming mindful practices with daily massages to reduce stress. Or for those wanting to focus on their diet, the urban detox program combines a specially curated plant-based menu with low impact activities to help guests kick start their detox system.

Guests can enjoy guilt-free meals for the duration of their stay from Spa Sanctuary’s carefully curated wellness menu, which is tailor made for each individual. Banyan Tree chefs focus on clean recipes that balance modern day dietary patterns while maintaining the nutritional integrity of well-sourced ingredients. All meals are crafted with organic and fresh local produce, emphasising variety, flavour and balance.

Travellers also have the luxury of enjoying unlimited in-villa massages, as well as spa treatments and nightly rest rituals performed by Banyan Tree’s professional Wellbeing Hosts. During their stay, guests can choose from a suite of 50 bespoke wellness activities, including seaside treks, meditation and combat training to spinal stretching, yoga and pilates.

Kick start a fulfilling wellbeing journey now and book a stay at Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary to experience the latest in wellness retreats.

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