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Bensley’s Sensible Sustainable Solutions is Required Reading at Thailand’s Top Tourism School

Dr Scott Michael Smith from Assumption University’s Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management shared Bensley’s white paper titled Sensible Sustainable Solutions with tourism students entering the work force next semester. Bill Bensley presented his paper containing 16 solutions for designing better hotels to help fight climate and make the world a better place to over 1,000 VIP’s that attended the Thailand Tourism Forum at the  Intercontinental Hotel Bangkok on Tuesday, January 20, 2020. By Thursday, Dr Scott had introduced Bill Bensley and his paper to future leaders studying tourism management at Assumption University and created a lesson plan, assignments and a group presentation to accompany Bensley’s paper.

BENSLEY, is a group of architects, interior designers, artists and landscape architects that know no limits.  Based in Bangkok and Bali since 1989, BENSLEY has been designing some of the world’s most iconic hotels, resorts, spas, homes and palaces.

The  Thailand Tourism Forum 2020 – ‘The Big Bang – Epic Ideas, Scorekeeping and Straight Talk’

was a Thailand-focused hotel and tourism event with  over 1,000 participants gathered for the country’s largest industry event of the year.

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