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Beyond Cooking School: Culineur offers career jumpstart for aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs

Culineur School of Culinary Arts & Entrepreneurship revealed critical factors for succeeding in restaurant business management for aspiring chefs and modern entrepreneurs; and why business management is a must-learn subject to ensure a sustainable growth in the restaurant industry.

Mr. Antony Osborne, Managing Director of Culineur School of Culinary Arts & Entrepreneurship shared his perspectives on the growing cooking-loving trend among the new generation and fail-free tips for those who want to pursue a career in restaurant business management as more and more are coming forward to share their love for cooking. In fact, many have decided to open a restaurant or even chosen to follow an alternative career path as a chef.

However, passion for cooking alone does not guarantee success in the restaurant business since knowledge and skill in managing the business are needed, from sourcing, cost management, marketing, human resource management to trend spotting etc.

“This is where the schools of culinary arts and entrepreneurship play a crucial role. A lot of people nowadays do not come to cooking school for the love of cooking, but because they are interested in making a career out of this passion. Good food does not always guarantee great sale and what we must understand is that consumer behaviour is constantly changing while the market is more competitive than ever. These factors can make or break the restaurant business. Upon the establishment of the Culineur School of Culinary Arts & Entrepreneurship, we foresee that we need to equip our students with the skills in business management, growth and brand-building strategies as well as people management,” said Mr. Antony.

Culineur is Thailand’s leading school that provides a comprehensive educational curriculum specialising in the culinary arts, critical thinking, business management and entrepreneurship, whose diploma programmes have been developed, in collaboration with Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC), a division of the world-famous Swiss hospitality school, École Hôtelière de Lausanne. The objective is to develop a new generation of culinary professionals and innovators who lead the way to the kitchens of tomorrow. The instructors at Culineur are determined to provide the students more than just food recipes, but the skill set that would drive their passion for the culinary arts to become truly successful professional chef and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Antony added, “Culineur chooses only the best for our students. Apart from the comprehensive range of modern learning materials and facilities, we also bring in state-of-the-art innovative technology to respond to the needs and lifestyle of the new generation of students and instructors. Each student under our diploma program will receive a tablet to be used in class. The classroom’s smart whiteboard enables the instructor to share his/her notes straight to the students’ emails to ensure ‘always-on’ learning; as we believe that at Culineur: everywhere is a classroom.

To ensure that students will have hands-on experience, Culienur offers four classrooms, a beverage tasting room, six large demonstration kitchens as well as four food and beverage outlets: Garnish – a full service a la carte restaurant offering west coast healthy/light cuisine, Flavours – a casual dining restaurant, Glaze – a bakery and pastry shop and Glaze Cafe, an artisan coffee shop. Throughout the programme, our students will get the opportunity to learn and work in all of these areas and work alongside our instructors and our staff in a real-world business setting.”

Established in 2018, Culineur School of Culinary Arts & Entrepreneurship offers four culinary programmes. The first is the Diploma Programme, which is a Culineur’s signature programme. This two-year full-time course comprises a succession of carefully designed modules focusing on increasingly specialised professional culinary skills. The second is Entrepreneurship and Management program: the six-month Restaurant Business Management and Entrepreneurship Certificate (Module 4) which is essentially a standalone module from the diploma programme. This certificate is ideal for students who already have experience in the culinary arts and want to learn more about the business management side of the industry. The third is Intensive Courses designed for everyday professionals and entrepreneurs who do not have much time but would like to broaden their knowledge of a particular subject in the culinary and hospitality field. Last but not least is the Short Courses which offer a wide variety of short-term courses, from three-hour Thai cooking classes to 12-hour baking and pastry classes.

(From Left to Right) Alec Gordon Lomas Executive Chef, Antony D. Osborne Managing Director, Jonathan Andrey Director of Operations, Chachaya Raktakanishta Director of Academic

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