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Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® Features at HoReCa #14 with Barista Blend and Health-Conscious Consumer Concept

Blue Diamond Growers, a US-based almond-growing agricultural cooperative based in Sacramento, in California, is featuring at Makro HoReCa #14 “The Culinary Passion 30 years of Creative Companionship towards Sustainability”, hosted at Impact Muang Thong Thani, Halls 6-7 from November 21-24, 2019, between 10am – 7pm each day.
The delicious range of premium almond milk is being presented at Makro HoReCa #14, at booths B1-2, B5-6, with special event-only promotions, featuring its latest Almond Breeze® variety, Barista Blend, all under the concept of “Almond Breeze® for your Healthy Lifestyle”.

Almond Breeze is showcasing the benefits of almond milk at the exhibition and the unique qualities of Almond Breeze® which is produced in Thailand by Heritage Group using the finest Blue Diamond Almonds® from California in the USA. Managing Director, Asia for Blue Diamond Growers, Nitin Batra spotlights how the brand complements consumer demand today.

“A new generation of health-conscious, sustainability-focused consumers has been gaining traction not only in Bangkok but in cities across the world, with a strong emphasis on high-quality ingredients. This trend acts has been a stimulus to the food and beverage industry, from restaurants to cafes and retailers as well as start-ups interesting in a wellness-oriented business. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® fits with this movement and the Makro HoReCa #14 theme perfectly.”
Almond Breeze® Barista Blend, which is hugely popular in the US, Australia and Japan is the perfect almond milk for making creamy coffee and froth. At the event, Professional barista Vasapol Saardchom created latte, cappuccino and iced Matcha latte using Barista Blend. In addition, Vasapol Saardchom demonstrated on latte art and showed visitors how to make the perfect almond milk foam with Almond Breeze® Barista Blend.

Dairy-free, with no cholesterol and no added sugars, Barista Blend has been formulated in partnership with coffee industry professionals. Other varieties available within Almond Breeze® range include Original, Unsweetened, Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha and Latte, which are available at leading retail outlets throughout Thailand.

During HoReCa #14 Almond Breeze Barista Blend® 946 ml is available for the special promotional price of 80 THB (reduced from 99 THB). Meanwhile, the full range of Almond Breeze flavors are available at 40 THB (reduced from 59 THB) for a 180 ml three-carton pack, with a giveaway Almond Breeze bag with every two packs purchased.

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