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Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Presents Exclusive Dinner “Alive in Almond Land”

 Mark Jansen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Diamond Growers (4th from left), along with Blue Diamond Growers Board of Directors from worldwide, held an exclusive dinner “Alive in Almond Land” as Blue Diamond Almond Breeze become No.1 in almond milk market in Thailand. Enjoy with healthy menu, Chef Chumpol Jangprai, Thai Iron Chef (far left) create delightful dishes, using Almond Breeze and Almond from California as cooking ingredients. With Paul Welcher, Agricultural Attaché (3rd from left) and Varee Phonphaisan (4th from right) The dinner was held at Vivarium by Chef Ministryrecently.

In the photo (from left to right)

  1. Chef Chumpol Jangprai             Renowned Iron Chef in Thailand
  2. Raj Joshi                                   Senior Vice President of Global Consumer of Blue Diamond Growers
  3. Paul  Welcher                            Agricultural Attaché
  4. Mark Jansen                             President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Diamond Growers
  5. Varee Phonphaisan                    President at Heritage Snacks & Food Co. Ltd.
  6. Vittavat Phonphaisan                  Vice President of Heritage Group
  7. Dale Tipple                               Vice President of Blue Diamond Growers
  8. Jazzy-Kirana Jasmine Chewter   Special guest

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