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Canon Advances with the 5th Bird Branch Project, Enhancing Urban Green Spaces and Expanding Eco Forest Development at Benjakitti Park.

Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd (Canon) collaborated with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s (BMA) Department of Environment to engage its volunteer employees in actively contributing to Bangkok’s 1 Million Tree Planting Project at Benjakitti Park. The goal of this initiative is to foster biodiversity by introducing a diverse range of local flora, thereby creating habitats and food sources for various animals, including urban bird species. This environmental endeavor constitutes a vital component of the 5th Bird Branch Project, which seeks to expand its focus beyond the construction and installation of birdhouses. Instead, it strives to promote and enhance the ecosystem from the upstream. This comprehensive approach is designed to ensure the concrete and sustainable conservation of bird species in Thailand.

Mr. Phongthep Prasertvoranun, Director of Corporate Communications and CSR, Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “Canon has partnered with the BMA’s Environment Department for the 5th Bird Branch Project, engaging in the initiative to plant one million trees. This effort not only expands urban green spaces but also functions as a natural barrier, effectively filtering dust particles and absorbing carbon within the city. Beyond these ecological benefits, the project also plays a pivotal role in advancing biodiversity and enhancing ecosystem diversity, consequently creating vital habitats and food sources for urban bird species. This alignment with the Bird Branch project’s core objectives led Canon to lead its volunteer staff in planting 106 trees at Benjakitti Park. Guided by environmental experts in Bangkok, this endeavor aims to establish a well-suited eco-forest, serving as the starting point for the genuine conservation of various bird species.”

The Canon Bird Branch Project, originally launched by Canon Inc. 
Japan with a commitment to conserving bird species worldwide, recognizes birds as clear indicators of natural abundance. In 2021, Canon Marketing Thailand embraced this concept and translated it into tangible activities for the first time. The recent participation in the tree planting event at Benjakitti Park with the BMA marks the 5th installment of the Bird Branch Project in Thailand. Benjakitti Park, nestled in the heart of Bangkok, is recognized as a forest park, encompassing an expansive area of approximately 450 rai. Beyond serving as a green lung within the city, crucial for absorbing carbon dioxide and providing recreational space, this park also serves as a sanctuary for numerous plant species. Consequently, it offers habitat and sustenance to a diverse range of small animals and bird species.

Mr. Suthanee Sankla, agricultural practitioner, Benchakitti Park, BMA’s Department of Environment, who assumed the role of both lecturer and guide for Canon’s volunteer employees during this event, remarked, “The tree planting effort at Benjakitti Park employs a methodology aimed at establishing a miniature ecosystem that supports life, serves as a food source for various animals, offers a space for relaxation, and imparts knowledge to the community. In this endeavor, we introduced three distinct types of trees: 1. Trees that provide sustenance for animals and birds. 2. Trees that facilitate learning about Thai herbal plants. 3. Trees strategically planted to create an eco-forest following the Miyawaki-style reforestation approach.”

Miyawaki Reforestation, pioneered by Professor Dr. Akira Miyawaki, a botanist at Yokohama National University in Japan, places significant emphasis on the restoration and fortification of eco forests. This is achieved through the planting of indigenous plants, including perennial trees, shrubs, and groundcover species. Prior to planting, a comprehensive survey is conducted to enhance soil quality and prepare the conditions meticulously. A diverse array of planting techniques is employed, such as high-intensity layer planting, contour planting, and random planting, aimed at closely resembling natural forest conditions. These approaches significantly elevate the survival rate of each tree and enable them to thrive and grow robustly.

“Canon Thailand acknowledges the paramount significance of a robust ecosystem as a fundamental foundation for preserving local bird species. In selecting Benjakitti Park in Bangkok as our project area, we identified the degradation of urban forests in comparison to those in less polluted regions. Consequently, we broadened the scope of our CSR initiative to encompass the restoration of urban forests. Our aim is to establish a fertile ecosystem, facilitating our future endeavors in constructing birdhouses. This holistic approach ensures the sustained conservation of local bird species in Thailand,” remarked Mr. Phongthep Prasertvoranun.

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