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Career Pages of Gates Hospitality, TIME Hotels, Bin Ham Group, City Seasons Hotels, Jannah Hotels, Central Hotels and many more are now powered by Hozpitality.com

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Hozpitality Group had launched a “Business Solutions” section on www.hozpitality.com.

A number of Small and Medium hospitality Companies, Institutes and Suppliers are now using the solution to create their branded pages for Career, Products, Courses, News and Promotions.

Live examples of some Career Pages, provided and powered by Hozpitality.com can be seen at the links below: –

Gates Hospitality: – https://gateshospitality.com/careers/
TIME Hotels: – https://www.timehotels.com/careers
Central Hotels: – https://www.central-hotels.com/careers/
Jannah Hotels: – https://www.jannah-hotels.com/careers/
Bin Ham Group: – https://binhamgroup.com/en/careers/

Excited about this new feature, Vandana Raj Bhatt, MD, Hozpitality Group said, “The companies do not need any coding knowledge, they can just copy the code provided by us and paste into the html of their website page”. They do not have to manage each section separately, they can simply manage all sections on Hozpitality.com and all data appears on their own website instantly under their own branding, Vandana added.

“Our in-house team has created a functionality that provides a White Label Solution to companies to create an in-built Career Section”, said Vandana. The hassle-free solution is available to you free of cost, which gives you an edge. The best part is it can automatically be translated into your country’s language if you want to interact in your language. Hozpitality.com can be translated into Arabic, French, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and German at the moment, and more languages will be added soon, Vandana added.

“The clients have to just Login to their account and choose which solution would you like to show on their website, generate the code and just paste in the HTML of their own website” said Raj Bhatt, Founder & CEO, Hozpitality Group. They do not need any Hosting or Maintenance for these on their website, there is no downtime, as soon as changes are made on Hozpitality, their data shows on their own website immediately under their own branding, Raj added. All details regarding the Business Solutions including a video on how this solution works can be seen at https://www.hozpitality.com/business-solutions

Raj said, “This feature is going to be a very useful feature for small and medium businesses”. As long as they have data on Hozpitality.com they would be able to show their own branded data on their own website”. Small businesses can have their own website without doing anything and no cost, he added.

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