Lynn Howard Launches Coaching Consulting Resource Center (CCRC)— An Online Resource Designed To Support Coaches & Consultants

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Lynn Howard, a coach/consultant committed to supporting entrepreneurs, business leaders and other coaches and consultants, launched the Coaching Consulting Resource Center (CCRC)— an online resource designed to help other coaches and consultants to save time and grow as entrepreneurs and business professionals.

With over ten years of experience as a personal coach/consultant, Lynn created CRCC as a platform to support mission-driven coaches/consultants in developing their businesses and increasing their impact by providing them with training, resources, and inspiration at their fingertips.

One of the many unique challenges that come with running a coaching business is the constant necessity to provide clients with relevant resources and materials, while at the same time dealing with entrepreneurial challenges. Coaches who have all the necessary degrees and certifications and even own a franchise often feel that they need to reinvent the wheel and create the required materials from scratch, while trying to figure out how to run their business, get clients and maintain stable cash flow. Doing it all on one’s own is both time-consuming and inefficient, since a lot of the needed content has already been created elsewhere. However, most coaches do not have easy access to the right resources, and instead of focusing on growing their business, they have to spend a lot of time researching and creating the materials by themselves.

CCRC will address these challenges.  Apart from sharing work materials, the centre will help coaches and consultants develop the business component of their practice. The content provided through the resource centre will include such materials as agreement examples, Lead Magnet examples, pricing structures, spreadsheets on various topics, material to use with clients, sales flow examples and so on. Apart from a vast library of useful content, CCRC membership will provide access to quarterly training sessions to help coaches grow their business and support clients. CCRC will also feature a community of coaches and consultants who will provide inspiration and support for each other, sharing secrets and best professional practices.

“In the past couple of years, coaching and consulting have exploded as a profession,” said Lynn Howard.  “I became tired of watching my colleagues poke around, not being certain where to go or how to do it. But CCRC is not just for those who start their careers as professional coaches and consultants — it has a lot to offer for experienced coaches and consultants who want to create a new level of success, and need help seeing through a different lens. I know the time is now to release my Coaching Consulting Resource Center.”

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