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Central Retail reinforces Tops as the #1 Food Retailer in Thailand and Vietnam, strengthening its food portfolio with the new mega project “Tops CLUB” in Thailand.

Central Food Retail under Central Retail creates another phenomenon in Thailand’s retail industry with the launch of ‘Tops CLUB’, a megaproject in retail, piloting with a Rama II location in late September this year.

The company also reveals its 5-year strategy with four key areas, based on the CRC Retailligence strategy. With an investment of 18 billion baht, the company expects to triple its revenue and expand its customer base by increasing its store presence to 1,700 locations, becoming the #1 Food Retailer in Thailand and Vietnam.

Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer – Food Group, Central Retail, said, “For the past 26 years, as the first supermarket in Thailand, we’ve always focused on offering the best experience and meeting the needs of our customers. We never stop improving and always seek new growth opportunities. We have expanded our business to cover all segments, and today we have many store formats nationwide, including Tops Market, Tops Food Hall, Tops Daily, Central Food Hall and FamilyMart. With the variety of formats coupled with the assortment of products and services via omnichannel platforms, we can cater to every need of our customers anytime. Tops Market is a successful brand in Thailand, and the success is expanded further into Vietnam. To elevate our retail business as we embark on our third decade and to grow steadily, strongly and sustainably, we have announced our 5-year strategy with four key areas to lead our food retail business towards our goal.

The leader of supermarkets on all platforms, covering every segment.
Tops can cater to every segment and every need as a food retailer with the widest range of store formats to meet consumer needs, including supermarkets, world-class food stores, and convenience stores. There are also new formats to ensure that Tops is a destination that fulfils every shopping need and caters to changing consumer lifestyles.

A new project that will be a phenomenon in the food retail industry is ‘Tops CLUB’, the first exclusive global household shopping experience with a membership model. It will be an empire of more than 3,500 products, 70% being imported goods and exclusive brands. It will offer KIRKLAND Signature, MAINSTAYS, and Member’s Mark from the USA; DJ&A, SMITH’S from Australia, and Killinchy Gold from New Zealand. The product categories include fresh ingredients, dry ingredients, snacks, home essentials, toys, camping supplies, and sports equipment. Only the best brands are selected to meet the needs of consumers with high purchasing power who seek quality. The first ‘Tops CLUB’ flagship store will officially launch in late September in Rama II. Special! Subscribe from today to September 30, 2022, for only 799 baht a year from the full price of 999 baht to get a special privilege to purchase exclusive products online via the Tops CLUB application at special prices with free delivery within the Greater Bangkok area starting today until 31 December 2022, and Tops CLUB pop-up store at Rama II (22 July – 21 August 2022), centralwOrld, Mega Bangna (2 – 31 August 2022) and Central Embassy (16-30 August 2022). The company is confident that when the ‘Tops CLUB’ flagship store officially opens in September, it will be a new must-visit destination for Thais and foreigners in the Rama II area.

The most complete omnichannel platforms for supermarkets in Thailand with the concept of WHENEVER, WHEREVER

Tops are committed to becoming the leader of omnichannel platforms to offer choices to its customers. In addition to shopping at physical stores, there are many online channels to offer a seamless experience to customers, giving them a feeling of shopping at the stores. They can be assured of the quality, freshness, and variety when shopping via Tops Online, which offers convenience in every step, from browsing and ordering to delivery, with a team to select the best products. Professional Pickers allow customers to personalize their orders and add their preferences.

The shopping experience is more convenient for every lifestyle and needs with Personal Shopper service in real-time via phone, chat and video call. Tops are the first and only supermarket that offers seamless integration of online and offline shopping, giving customers convenience anywhere, anytime. Items are delivered to their homes. Tops continue to improve its services to offer a limitless shopping experience.

Tops, the ‘One Stop Shopping’ destination, curates the largest selection of new food products from around the world.

Known as a food destination that fulfils diverse needs, Tops reinforces leadership in the quality and freshness of its products, with over 45,000 items to choose from. Tops is also backed by a dynamic team that is always exploring quality products sourced worldwide across every food category, bringing the newest and most trending products to delight customers. We have partners in Asia and Europe to source our consumers’ best products in every category. Placing importance on sourcing organic products, Tops is highly meticulous in curating the best quality fruits, vegetables, health, and beauty products. To ensure all needs are served comprehensively, the company has also launched exclusive and Tops own brand products, catering to all food lovers as a one-stop shopping destination.

Driving business towards sustainability in Thailand and Vietnam.
The company recognizes the importance of driving its business through the country’s grassroots economy by directly purchasing agricultural produce from farmers. Venues are offered to farmers to sell their products to consumers at ‘JINGJAI FARMERS’ MARKET’. We also offer growth opportunities to SMEs nationwide through the ‘Tops Tong Tin’ platform. Additionally, we work with SMEs to import and export products for our supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam. Business matching sessions are also organized to allow SMEs in both countries to network. Other activities are also organized to promote agricultural produce at Tops Market in Vietnam and Thailand. These activities are under Central Retail’s vision to improve the quality of life alongside driving sustainability for people, communities, and the environment in both countries.

“From all these strategies for our business, we are confident that Tops will become a brand that truly understands what consumers need, going beyond the traditional supermarket and growing steadily, strongly and sustainably. We are ready to stand by our consumers in Thailand and introduce innovations in our services to offer convenience to our consumers, becoming Central to Life,” said Stephane.

For more details, visit http://www.tops.co.th, Facebook TopsThailand, Central Food Hall and FamilyMartThailand, or LINE @TopsThailand และ @ FamilyMartThailand.

Edited by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)

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