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Central/Robinson 9.9 Sale: Thailand’s Retail Revival

 Central and Robinson Department Store, under Central Retail, forge ahead to conquer the Double Digits Campaign with an omni-campaign approach, encompassing both offline and online channels. A dynamic strategy aimed at igniting sales, backed by an array of promotions and engaging activities spanning the last four months of the year. The initiative commences with the ‘Central/Robinson 9.9 Sale’, under the theme #ไปช้อปให้หายกวนใจ (Pai Shop Hai Haai Guan Jai), ushering in the shopping season with remarkable discounts up to 70%. Complementing this offer are the ‘Best Deals in Town’ selections, tailored to deliver a personalized and upscaled shopping journey, further solidifying the stature as the premier omnichannel retailer in the premium segment. This year’s approaches are designed to spotlight the following ‘omnichannel retailer’ strengths: 

  1. Outstanding Brands: Central and Robinson Department Stores stand as global brands with exceptional strengths across all dimensions. These establishments are synonymous with ceaseless development, serving as trusted and enduring shopping destinations that customers rely on over a long period of time. The stores embody a leadership position within the retail industry, characterized by a plethora of innovative strategies tailored to consistently amaze customers. This reputation is further affirmed by a multitude of local and international awards, solidifying the company’s standing.
  2. MarTech Innovation: Central and Robinson consistently push the boundaries of innovation, continuously developing diverse new technologies to deliver maximum benefits to customers of all ages, genders, and lifestyles. This commitment to personalized offerings ensures that every individual’s needs are catered to.
  3. No.1 Seamless Shopping Experience: Determined to offer a seamless shopping experience across all customer touchpoints, delivering the finest omnichannel services at any time and from anywhere.
  4. Inspiration for Every Moment of Your Life: Retailer of inspiration and global trendsetting, Central and Robinson bring together a remarkable array of distinguished brands from around the world and the nation. In this year’s endeavor, Central and Robinson have collaborated with a team of content creators to partake in Megatainment-style livestreaming events, infusing delight into customers’ experiences throughout Thailand via the myriad social media channels of Central and Robinson.

 Rvisra Chirathivat, Chief Marketing Officer of Central and Robinson Department Store, under Central Retail, revealed that, “At Central and Robinson Department Store, we hold the belief that the retail industry at the close of this year will experience exceptional dynamism, with the Double Digits Campaign serving as a much-anticipated magnet. As unwaveringly omnichannel retailers and the ultimate shopping hub for all Thais, Central and Robinson are resolute in advancing the ethos of joy and emerging trends, endeavoring to craft unforgettable shopping experiences that enrich the daily lives of numerous individuals. With this objective firmly in focus, we proudly introduce the ‘Central/Robinson 9.9 Sale’ campaign, a strategic allocation of substantial resources aimed at invigorating sales across all our shopping platforms. Every day, customers will encounter unparalleled offers on a diverse array of product categories. The campaign will feature a consistent offering of the ‘Best Deals in Town’ items, enhancing each day’s shopping experience. Furthermore, we have devised engaging shopping gimmicks to express gratitude to our loyal customers and foster an environment of enjoyment. Simultaneously, we are focused on captivating a broader audience, particularly those in the burgeoning value hunter segment, who actively seek out the finest and most rewarding deals. This year, our sales target is ambitiously set to surge by +20% compared to the previous year. Last year, we achieved a remarkable success by celebrating a +15% growth.”

 Pursuing Exponential Growth by Leveraging the Dominance of Omnichannel Retailer Strengths

 Outstanding Brands: 76 Years of Being the Preferred Retailer Choice, Continuously Fostering Seamless Shopping Experiences

Central and Robinson’s strengths rooted in long-standing customer trust and reliability, guided by the aspiration to achieve global standard retail excellence. The pride is further solidified by the recent accolade of the ‘2023 Thailand’s Most Admired Brand’ award, affirming the position as the top-choice department store that Thai customers wholeheartedly trust. This esteemed recognition stems from a comprehensive customer survey conducted by Brand Age magazine in collaboration with various leading universities across Thailand. Central and Robinson remain in a perpetual state of evolution, dedicated to enhancing offerings to cater to the diverse needs of customers spanning all lifestyles and generations. This serves as the bedrock fueling the expansion of Central and Robinson Stores. Presently, the extensive footprint spans 75 locations throughout Thailand, each boasting an all-encompassing assortment of product categories, encompassing beauty, fashion, mother and kids, home, gadgets, electronics, and many more.

  1. MarTech Innovation: Employing Innovative Tools to Cater to Diverse Customer Requirements

Central and Robinson’s continuous growth is underpinned by the fusion of technology and skilled team members. The stores elevate customer lifetime value through the strategic integration of MarTech into the marketing strategies, enabling the analysis and comprehension of customer lifestyles. As a result, Central and Robinson adeptly curate exclusive products and services that precisely align with customer expectations, seamlessly intertwining with diverse lifestyles and delivering unparalleled benefits.

  1. No.1 Seamless Shopping Experience: Connecting all customer journey and services together

Central and Robinson fortify the omnichannel supremacy by seamlessly integrating shopping platforms, catering to customers of every generation through swift, convenient, and personalized avenues. This encompassing approach spans offline experiences at the physical Central/Robinson store, as well as online shopping avenues like the Central App and www.central.co.th. Additionally, the company extend presence to social commerce platforms like Central/Robinson Chat & Shop on LINE/Facebook Messenger. For the ultimate convenience, customers can tap into the Personal Shopper on Demand tel. 1425, offering a personalized assistant service that provides consultations and tailors recommendations for the best deals, tailored exclusively for customers. Additionally, customers can relish a shopping experience by engaging in chats during Facebook Live sessions or through the Central/Robinson inbox. The 9.9 Sale campaign presents the ideal opportunity to purchase the items on any wish list with the best prices of the year. Online shoppers can also enjoy enhanced convenience from a range of delivery options, including 3 Hours Delivery, Same Day Delivery, Click & Collect and more.

  1. Inspiration for Every Moment of Your Life: Retailer of Inspiration, Leading the Global Trend

With a vision to become an inspirational retailer that enhances customers’ happiness, Central and Robinson aim to stand as the premier shopping destination for Thai customers. The stores house a collection of renowned global brands, not to mention a gathering of the world’s most exceptional fashion icons, all within this singular location. In preparation for this year’s grand shopping extravaganza, Central and Robinson have collaborated with diverse influencers and content creators in Thailand. Together, these influencers will participate in a livestreaming event following the innovative Megatainment format. The roster of creators includes:

  • Central Department Store Guiding the exhilarating proceedings is none other than Tawyong from Rabiabwatasilp, the famed Thai Mor Lam band. Tawyong will take the helm to showcase interesting products through the @Central.Khonkaen TikTok channel on 8 September 2023. Famous creators from the South and the Northeast will take over @Centralhadyai and @Centraludonthani TikTok live streaming on 9 September 2023. Stay tuned for more exclusive activities at Central Department Store’s TikTok channel.

Ensure you don’t miss out the exclusive beauty deals presented by the contestants of Miss Universe Thailand 2023 with the calendar as follows:

  1. Sep 2023   Meet with Anntonia Porsild who was crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2023
  2. Sep 2023   Kirana Jasmine Chewter who was named 1st runner up
  3. Sep 2023   A session with Bryan Tan, leading influencer in the beauty pageant industry
  • Robinson Department Store Leading the fun on Robinson Department Store’s Facebook Page are Nan Lardapha (7 Sep) and Mix Chalermsri (8 Sep) and TikTok are Ticha (7 Sep), Arty Milk from Powerpuff GAY (8 Sep) and Ping Pong (9 Sep).
    For local supporters, remember to visit @Robinsonchiangrai, @Robinsonsriracha, and @Robinsontrang TikTok channels for the chance to meet and interact with favorite local influencers.

Central/ Robinson 9.9 Sale starting 1-11 September 2023 will be offering the Best

Deals in Town items at all Central and Robinson Department stores nationwide, including:

  • Exclusive discount of up to 70%
  • Best deals from popular brands such as Clarins, Kanebo, Bobbi Brown, Sanrio, Nike, Adidas, MLB, Samsonite, GQ, Lee, Tefal, Dyson, Zebra, Zwilling, etc.
  • Cash coupon with cash back of up to 38%
  • Indulge in a complimentary shopping spree during the 9.9 Sale, as you’ll be granted a digital coupon valued at 4,000 Baht upon making a purchase worth 4,000 Baht (limited to 99 redemptions)
  • The1 Special Burn. Redeem The 1 points, starting with 9 points, and receive discounts of up to 600 Baht.
  • Enjoy the convenience of 10-month 0% installment plans available for all items across Central and Robinson stores when using participating credit cards.

The excitement doesn’t end here. Remember to stay tuned and follow the hashtag #ไปช้อปให้หายกวนใจ (Pai Shop Hai Haai Guan Jai), to unlock exclusive deals from Central, Robinson, and the Central App during the upcoming 10.10, 11.11, and 12.12 campaigns, all happening throughout the end of this year.

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