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CH Home Medias debuts world-class audio equipment

Recently, CH Home Medias Co., Ltd. welcomed media and guests to their showroom launch event, unveiling new products from Focal and Naim, two of the most renowned names in audio. 

During this exclusive event at CH Home Medias’ location on the second floor of Siam Paragon, attendees were the first in Thailand to experience the exceptional sounds from FOCAL GRANDE UTOPIA EM EVO speakers and from the NAIM ND 555 network player.

Audiophiles around the world appreciate the incomparable quality from Focal and Naim sound equipment. Focal is a popular French brand of premium speakers long recognized for their superior design, technology, and manufacturing, while Naim is a well-established English manufacturer of high-end high-fidelity sound systems. CH Home Medias proudly represents these two stalwarts of sound, offering a platform in Thailand for the debut of the FOCAL GRANDE UTOPIA EM EVO and the NAIM ND 555.

Focal selected exclusive materials especially for the FOCAL GRANDE UTOPIA EM EVO loudspeakers, which stand at the top of their range. The speaker cabinet can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease amplification to suit listeners, no matter how near or far they are from the speakers. The tweeters, in particular, are made from beryllium, a strong and lightweight metal that is 50 times more valuable than gold. They create clean, sharp sounds with increased frequency range and clarity and with little distortion, playing any music genre beautifully. The FOCAL GRANDE UTOPIA EM EVO are priced at 8,700,000 baht.

The NAIM ND 55 can play any music file through a WiFi or LAN connection with control through its smartphone app, available for iOS and Android. It offers the best sound quality and durability, with a screen that displays album covers and song data. The NAIM ND 55 was launched at a price of 1,246,000 baht.

Not only were guests and attending media able to listen and test the quality of the NAIM ND 55 network player and the FOCAL GRANDE UTOPIA EM EVO loudspeakers, but they were also treated to a performance by Image from the Voice Thailand. Those interested in experiencing these high-end audio products for themselves can visit CH Home Media, 2nd Floor, Siam Paragon

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