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Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve Set Menus At Tenshino At Pullman Bangkok King Power

Pullman Bangkok King Power invites you to celebrate the festive season this year with a touch of Japanese at Tenshino, a chic and innovative Japanese restaurant in Bangkok. Japan is famous for its four distinct and beautiful seasons and we have created plenty of delicious ways for friends and family to appreciate traditional mouthwatering Christmas and New Year’s dishes with our unique winter menus. Every dish is beautifully crafted using the freshest ingredients imported directly from Japan and France. Indulge yourself in the elegant surroundings with a touch of bohemian chic, which makes Tenshino the perfect place to make this festive season truly unforgettable. Tenshino is open from 18.00 – 23.00 hrs.

Monday 24th December 2018

  • Ankimo (monkfish) Pate with Ponzu
    “The foie gras of the sea” and one of the great delicacies of Japanese cuisine. This remarkable pate, made from monkfish liver, has a smooth luxurious texture and rich flavor and comes from the south of Hokkaido prefecture. Usually served cold, Ankimo is sliced and topped with momiji-oroshi (grated daikon radish with red chili pepper) with ponzu citrus juice and soy-based sweet sauce poured over.
  • Assorted Sashimi
    The finest selection of sashimi from Hokkaido, including morsels of red snapper, scallop, sole fish, and two prime cuts of tender bluefin tuna belly – otoro and chutoro.
  • Snow Crab & Avocado Rolls
    Queen crab from the North Atlantic and North Pacific snow crab are considered some of the most prized shellfish in the world and are a very traditional winter seafood eaten in Japan. Female snow crabs, commonly known as Kobako (meaning flavour box), contain orange egg sacks that are unbelievably delicious and are one of the most popular crabs from Japan.
  • Venison Steak with Foie Gras
    Low in fat but high in protein, venison steak from Hokkaido is complemented perfectly by our homemade red wine sauce which draws out its unique and rich flavor.
  • Tenshino Buche de Noel – Our heavenly Christmas log cake.
  • Coffee / Tea

Book online: https://goo.gl/AZwjWm

Monday 31st December 2018

  • Salmon Tartare
    Start your special night with our elegant Japanese-style salmon tartare.
  • Lobster Mizuna Salad with Yuzu Dressing
    Mizuna (Japanese mustard greens) have a mild peppery taste which blends impeccably with the bright and sweet-sour flavor from the Yuzu dressing, giving the lobster an absolutely delectable taste.
  • Foie Gras with Fuji Apple Compote served with Raspberry Sauce
    The rich flavor of the duck liver combines with the Fuji apple and raspberry sauce to give a flawless balance of taste.
  • Grilled Miso Black Cod on Houba Leaf
    This popular Japanese dish is sustainably fished, full of healthy omega-3 and has a silky and tender texture and a rich flavour.
  • Kagoshima Beef Steak with Ponzu Jelly
    The finest melt in your mouth meat imported directly from Kagoshima, the largest producer of wagyu beef in Japan. Kagoshima A5 beef is known for its tenderness as well as its well-balanced marbling, meaning the beef is tender, juicy and flavourful.
  • Adzuki Matcha, Nikka whisky ice cream
    A special type of green tea from Japan with Adzuki Japanese red beans.
  • Coffee/Tea

Book online: https://goo.gl/cDQw5J

Tenshino, a chic innovative Japanese restaurant with a touch of bohemia, has opened in Soi Rangnam. Located on the second floor of the Pullman Bangkok King Power, the restaurant is set in casual surroundings with a touch of bohemian chic. Featuring both communal and individual tables, the restaurant is a relaxed social space where guests can gather around and enjoy unique Japanese dishes. Children are welcomed with family.

For reservations or more information, please call 02 680 9999 or email H6323-fb5@accor.com

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